Kanye West type beat/instrumental

Long time no see? Hey guys, another song, ableton live 8 intro, and contains 2 samples: Curious Case of Benjamin Button “Alone at Night”. Influenced by Otis and Hear ’em Say. I’ll try to get back to you guys with a few more song before the end of the year. Thanks for listening, subscribe and like the video.

17 Responses to “Kanye West type beat/instrumental”

  1. Bluenoise100 says:

    Is there anyway I can use this for non profit?

  2. TheJerzyslugga says:

    dope dope shit bra

  3. Pete75227 says:

    shits hot bro. do u have an email?? im interested in leasing/ buying a few beats

  4. mrlouisraphael says:

    First “Kanye type beat” that actually sounds like a Kanye beat. Good job on this.

  5. THEMOVIE90 says:

    i like this hoe

  6. TheOrginalBeat says:

    This Is Dope Check Out My Kanye West Type Beat On My Channel

  7. kamilosdedos says:


  8. jaegood89 says:

    This is…amazing. Purely amazing.  I don’t even know what to say

  9. Quasarmuhammad says:

    You always on it! lol

  10. Quasarmuhammad says:

    You always on it!! lol

  11. Quasarmuhammad says:

    You always on it!!! lol


    check me out playa… lets collab.. this beat is hot

  13. speakinginkeys says:

    dope man im def checkin for new beats from you

  14. DementedXMusic says:


  15. Yungjoesosa says:

    can i use???? yungjoesosa@gmail.com

  16. CreativiDe992 says:

    Pretty chill man

  17. CoDn0vA says:

    can i use this bro ?

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