John Cena Music – Don’t Wanna Fuck With Us

WWE superstar John Cena raps. Subscribe me :)john cena music theme video usw. etc. batista rey mysterio jeff hardy matt hardy the rock 619 stone gold steve austin undertaker finlay boogeyman mini lol randy orton edge carrer end lashley boby terry funk sabu hhh triple h snitsky raw ecw smackdown wwe 2008 world wrestling entertaiment can you see me fu bomb the great khali carlito shawn micheals michaels hbk nitro the miz mysterio 619 usa 2008 2009 world wrestling entertaiment wwe smackdown raw ecw carlito snitsky umaga hhh triple h shawn michaels dx nitro the miz kane edge radet rko theme entrace big daddy v chavo guerrero bobby lashley batista vs Carlito (Carlos Colón, Jr.) John Cena Jim Duggan Charlie Haas Jeff Hardy Hardcore Holly (Robert Howard) Chris Jericho (Christopher Irvine) Brian Kendrick Mr. Kennedy (Kenneth Anderson) John “Bradshaw” Layfield (JBL) Paul London Santino Marella (Anthony Carelli) Robbie McAllister (Derek Graham-Couch) Rory McAllister (Russell Murray) Shawn Michaels (Michael Hickenbottom) Trevor Murdoch (Trevor Rhodes) Randy Orton Cody Rhodes (Cody Runnels) DH Smith (Harry Smith) Snitsky (Eugene Snisky) Super Crazy (Francsico Pantoja Islas) Triple H (Paul Levesque) Umaga (Eddie Fatu) Val Venis (Sean Morley) Female wrestlers Ashley (Ashley Massaro) Jillian Hall (Jillian Fletcher) Mickie James Maria (Maria Kanellis) – Valet of Santino Marella Melina (Melina Perez) Beth Phoenix (Elizabeth Carolan) Batista (David Bautista) Deuce (James Reiher, Jr

25 Responses to “John Cena Music – Don’t Wanna Fuck With Us”

  1. rossnrikerlover says:

    i dont really like rap but i looooove cena!

  2. iloveronforever614 says:

    i thik its funney

  3. WildfireWiffler44 says:

    way better than the stuff put out today for sure

  4. knowledgebk305 says:

    son sound like a west coast

  5. Jsmith12292 says:

    nnn/ (-___-) nnn/ > |||n (^__^) n|||

  6. Rickyharber101 says:

    He’s a beast

  7. ParisTheForeman says:

    @vinnypopper damn i think he did

  8. crabbyian says:

    John cena isn’t the only one pg stupid asses, the whole company went to pg so stop saying pg cena when every wwe superstar on the roster is pg.

  9. Gaprielll says:

    @Naruto67ful exactly. IT is like the good rap is gone and all does fake rapers rap only about money bitches and cash. like that is the problem of the world today, well maybe money but in different turn. when pac was alive, he rap about a lot of problems and they where relevant. and his style was diffrent as well. now everyone copy and wanna be him and forget to keep it true and real. words they sing but do not understand

  10. Gaprielll says:

    @roycephantom4me Ofcourse it is my limit dickhead, cause that is the type of rap I like, u cant be limitless. dont tell me about hiphop like you know more than anyone else you give me this easy list trying to proof somthing and if that is what you like, than that is your limit right there player. I know them well and it is not my type exept immortal, mos def, kool g, but not all of what they do.
    if you eat hiphop everyday, whan half of what you it is shit. i eat only quality hiphop PLaya

  11. Naruto67ful says:

    @Gaprielll I know what you mean. Most rappers nowadays (mainstream) rap about the same thing. It’s like once you heard it from one rapper another rapper will just repeat it with different beats.

  12. koudecoole says:

    u mad bro ? :O

  13. roycephantom4me says:

    @Gaprielll hey u lil crack face faggot …the fuck is wrong with u…did i say something about Wayne??? ehhh ??i said there are many dope rappers today …to name a few Crooked I,Pharoahe Monch,Talib Kwelli,Mos Def,Black Thought,Kool G,Eminem,Kurupt,Immortal,Vinnie Paz etc…i eat hiphop everyday…dont tell me about Pac cuz thats ur limit right there playa…

  14. TheLinux101 says:

    @j0e182 the same answer of you having a vagina you gayburger with a side of fries

  15. Gaprielll says:

    @roycephantom4me They sure are for you, but just because you suck theire (little wayne and the rest of that type) dicks does not mean the rest of us have to do as well.
    Eminem is good rapper and lowkey, the best today. it is not my fault that you dont have ear for music. I found a good rap that fits to my taste of music after 2pac you dumhead, everyone like diffrent type, it does not mean i dont know about the other rappers as well. i actually know more than you know for fackt, so zip it

  16. roycephantom4me says:

    @Gaprielll dont ride dick …there are many dope rappers today…u just need to find them

  17. j0e182 says:

    @TheLinux101 lol u mad bro?

  18. TheLinux101 says:

    @j0e182 screw you u fuckin queer bait

  19. j0e182 says:

    this guy is faggot lol he sucks aha

  20. Gaprielll says:

    finely i found a good rap. i almost give up after 2pac

  21. CJames2578 says:

    @TheNortecalifas14 Its funny cuz he makes his own lyrics unlike most rappers lol

  22. gizarangi says:

    the funny thing about this white boy rapper is that he can actually back his words up lolz john cena baby

  23. 2pac1996rip1 says:

    @dooooooooooooooooist fuck you john cena is a sick rapper a rapper who is better than lil wayne wis kalifa , new boys and most of the rappers out today

  24. joshy77777 says:


  25. kkra12 says:

    @TAPPRODUCTIONZ no he not

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