Jim Cramer – Why Silver is Going Higher

For the latest Jim Cramer, go to JimCramerPicks.com – Gold took out its high, so you should always own some in your portfolio as insurance against these market reversals. Gold coins are great, and gold bullion is good if you are able to store it. There is another precious metal that is poised to do even better than gold. Instead of gold, you should think about buying silver. Silver has outperformed gold this year. Silver should continue to deliver larger profits. The SLV is an ETF like the GLD. Silver was banging and banging against the resistance level. However, it recently broke through, and that is a bullish technical signal. Right now the volatility for silver is at record lows. This is important to a technician. High volatility always leads to low volatility. The opposite is also true. When the volatility to low, is is called a volatility squeeze. This is the case with silver right now. It is due for a 5 point upward gain. Gold is also extremely bullish, but now as much as silver. The charts tell you everything that you already know. The difference between gold and silver is that there is more volatility in gold. Gold probably isn’t going to come back down, but if it does, then it is time to buy. Based on the fundamentals, silver is looking better than gold. You can’t just blindly follow anything, but you should be paying attention to this. Gold and silver are pretty much your only choices when you are buying jewelry. They are both scarce commodities. The difference

25 Responses to “Jim Cramer – Why Silver is Going Higher”

  1. vid009 says:

    When will Cramer be honest with the masses and let them know the real story behind Silver and how JP Morgan has been naked short selling the SLV for a long time. JP short selling silver many, many more times than Jp is able to cover !

  2. nowfabien says:

    if he says it is goin higher definitely goin lower!

  3. JayhawkBenja says:

    So he gets on TV and pumps up silver right before the massive JP Morgan short and subsequent margin reduction?

    he’s just another piece of the market manipulation

  4. Blazen1212 says:

    @davidlee110 SLV is up 100% since this video was shot!!

  5. Blazen1212 says:

    @rockstarr469 SLV is up 100% since this video was shot!!

  6. justanotherbum007 says:

    Hey Cramer? FUCK YOU ASSHOLE

  7. benjiheads says:

    cramer doesn’t use a tooth brush he uses a toilet brush

  8. MrBanker2222 says:

    90% accuracy trading is now a reality. If you want to get rich invest in gold! Come visit my website, just google Gold Trading Academy to learn more.

  9. MrsMom100 says:

    I’ve been watching this clown for years on CNBC. He’s just another talking head.

  10. 123ableTHERollyboy says:

    First it was the stock market, then it was housing, now it’s gold, don’t miss this gold rush, learn the SECRET and make your own fortune.just google Gold trading Academy.

  11. rosskstar says:

    @mezonesxbox yea, just great great support DOH! lol

  12. rockstarr469 says:


  13. mezonesxbox says:

    now its banging at the 43 price again post manipulation- great support at 39-40. Its going to fly after that ceiling

  14. bwhite890 says:

    @NYWAORCANZ Copper tanks during recession as home building goes threw the floor.

  15. NYWAORCANZ says:

    it seems if you are going to buy a metal ETF ,it should be copper as copper would be too heavy to tranport and carry

  16. nottinmatterz2day says:

    when was this?

  17. lambergino says:

    I live this video.
    I own physical 🙂 and I’m proud of it
    and I trade the XAG/USD

  18. vambo13257 says:

    @CrazyChitTV Only a box at a secured vault facility, not a bank safe deposit box! Keep a small % of your physical in an at home safe along with about $2k in cash.

  19. davidlee110 says:

    SLV suck balls Jim, i rather have Physical instead 🙂

  20. dynomike1964 says:

    I hope this piece of shit sucks cocks in hell

  21. ZoraleePvP says:

    “so you dont have to own physical” HAHA yeah because its such a drag to hold physical, if youre going safe vs economic corruption and banksters I suggest going all physical.

    You are not that rich that keeping physical will ever be a problem.

  22. mezonesxbox says:

    BUY PHYSICAL ASAP!! I know alot of u are waiting for another dip and/or crash in the market in general, but PHYSICAL will not be there. And the paper game might be done by then. Yes i know it sounds good to pick up some cheap silver, but think out of the box and you’ll realize that there will be many of us with tons of cash saved up but there will be no PHYSICAL AVAILABLE…

  23. 420spacecowboy says:

    this guy takes something sooooooooooo simple and ruins it with rederick to scare you so at most you’ll run to a man you pay to put 5-10% of metals you will never own in a IRA or something guaranteeing you will not get to cash in on its physical value

  24. 420spacecowboy says:

    HE IS A PONZY ASS! this is a joke! yes gold and silver rule! but get a oz bullion coin, or 100, or 300 of whatever you can afford, silver , and some gold, DIVERSIFY! its real money! but the STOCKS are NOT . only holding real gold and silver will guarantee your wealth, the government will sieze and pay out you guys in inflated american dollars if you do not sell!, and you better not pay to store physical bullion! theyll steal it! BURY IT! its free and safe!

  25. ptoutlet says:

    @zardcat1111 That will change someday. I dont think we will ever payoff our debt but it sounds like the people that believe we will believe we will “grow” out of it. If another recession hits this idea gets blown away.

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