Jim Cramer – The Mechanics of the Stock Market

For the latest Jim Cramer, go to JimCramerPicks.com – If you are positioned short, you can great a level of activity to drive the futures down that doesn’t take too much money. It is a fun and lucrative game. You can boost the futures and the when the market comes in to sell, it can create a negative atmosphere. That’s a strategy that is worth doing, and you should definitely do it, because it is legal, and it is a quick way to make some money. No one else in the world would ever tell you this. You’ve got to control the market. If you are short, then you’ve got to keep the market down. You aren’t allowed to foment, but you can do it anyway because the SEC doesn’t understand it. It is important to foment if you need to stay in the game. If you see a guy who is bidding, you can wipe him out right away. You can knock down a stock like RIMM with about 15 million dollars. You can call a bozo reporter and tell them that a competitor is going to come out with a great product, and that can keep the stock down as well. With a stock like AAPL, you can spread a rumor that the other related businesses don’t like their new product. Apple is a great company to do this with, because they won’t comment on the rumor. It is an effective way to keep the stock down. You can create an image that there will be big news next week that frightens everyone. These are the kinds of things that happen in the market that you don’t see. Don’t do anything remotely truthful. You have to develop a new

For the latest Jim Cramer, go to JimCramerPicks.com It feels like the prevailing attitude is that CEOs are fat cats who want to swindle the proletariat. But some CEOs help us rack up huge profits. One such example is the CEO of HLF. He is making a lot of money for his stockholders. They beat all the estimates, and they even raised their dividend. This is one of the most shareholder friendly stocks on the ,planet. Michael Johnson blew us all away. Their latest quarter was especially amazing. There is an incredible social network around this product. More people are using it every day. The earnings have exploded from one quarter to another. It is all acceleration. It is all about following the winners. The Latin markets have been on fire in the past, but now the general market is really taking off. About 40% of sales come from the shake product that is a meal replacement. The sales leaders in this story are the people who are bringing more people into this business opportunity and also getting into retail. There is a real takeoff in this plan. People who have discovered this product and can’t get a job are looking at this opportunity as something that can really change their lives. In HLF you have a buyback and you have a dividend. This is the kind of stock that you are looking for.

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