Jim Cramer Slams Jon Stewart

For the latest Jim Cramer, go to JimCramerPicks.com – Jim Cramer is the host of Mad Money and the Founder of TheStreet. He has been having a very interesting idea. He famously said that Ben Bernanke knows nothing about what he is doing. Jim Cramer saw this coming way before it happened. People were saying that he had dropped the ball, so there is a tad bit of irony there. No one wants to suffer a beatdown or be humiliated or embarrased, so the appearance on The Daily Show was a bit of a letdown. Jim Cramer was led to believe that it would be a fun appearance, but obviously that was wrong. Instead of attacking Jim Cramer, Jon Stewart should have been thanking him.Jon Stewart was attacking Cramer personally. His goal was to get Cramer fired, and his method of argumentation was brilliant. CNBC has done a remarkable job, and the attacks were misplaced. If he did it solely for ratings, that is fine, but it is still Cramer’s life. His main motivation was to destroy Cramer. But life moves on. He was very vicious. The financial innovations of the past decade almost brought the country down. There was no government regulation, and the government didn’t do enough. The only person who saw this coming is Marx. We will no longer be a world power because of what happened. China will be the next world power. Inflation is an issue, but we shouldn’t worry about it until the banks become solvent again. We don’t want a 1937 scenario, when we went deeper into a depression and didn’t get out

8 Responses to “Jim Cramer Slams Jon Stewart”

  1. elkadir70 says:

    what a pathetic sack of shit Jim Cramer is

  2. 123ableTHERollyboy says:

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  3. duckvision1974 says:

    cramer is a big fucking baby

  4. 4pples says:

    your a complete moron

  5. 4pples says:

    Jim Cramer is a certified piece of SHIT. Anyone that sticks up for him is a SHEEP, and does not know the facts. I was right in the mix of it all, watching exactly what he was saying at the time. He told people it was the biggest bullmarket buying opportunity he has EVER seen at the time of the PEAK, and only switched his story AFTER shit hit the fan, and lost a LOT of people money, which is why he came out and did that speech. He is a lier and plays it differently than how it went down, PERIOD!

  6. IanRuebel says:

    I personally agree with Cramer, more credible in this situation.

  7. anonynaw says:

    @MrWhitey101 Agreed 100%

  8. MrWhitey101 says:

    Wait, what? You think Jon Stewart’s goal was to get you fired Jim? LMAO
    I don’t think he cares enough about you to go out of his way to get you fired, you self-deluded jackass.

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