Jim Cramer – How to Play Earnings

For the latest Jim Cramer, go to JimCramerPicks.com – The bull keeps reinventing itself daily. The high growth stocks didn’t do anything for a week, but now they are roaring back. AAPL, CMG, and NFLX all are extremely strong. You also need to pay attention to the mobile Internet tsunami that is coming. Bank of America finally put their bad assets into a new company. This is monster good news for those of you lucky enough to own BAC. SYY should give us a pretty good read on food inflation. Tuesday we will hear from TEVA, but they have sold off even after good quarters. Motricity will probably report a great quarter. Keep an eye on Disney. GE is saying that cable is great. ESPN and Disney could blow us away and they might tell us a little more about the Chinese Disneyland that they are opening. AKAM delivers video over the web, and they are doing well. Hopefully CSCO can redeem itself, because it has had some terrible quarters. TEX is a poor man’s CAT. The stock has gone up a lot, so only buy it if there is a sell off. RL is suffering from higher cotton prices. But you shouldn’t bet against them, since they sell to the high-end crowd. If KO or PEP gets hit after earnings, it could be a good time to buy these great companies. THS is still a great play since grocery stores will be looking for a way to maintain their margins in the face of food inflation. CMG will report another monster quarter. The shorts have tried and failed to stop this one, and it is going to continue

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