Jim Cramer – Egypt Can’t Make You Money

For the latest Jim Cramer, go to JimCramerPicks.com – It’s nice when the Dow and Nasdaq rally. The news out of Egypt might be mesmerizing, but it’s not the kind of news that can make you money. Earnings news can make you a lot more money. LLNW is a great stock to watch. MAS has been on fire. It is the best housing barometer to follow. WLT could reignite the coal industry. CTL is a good high yielding telco. FOSL is up over 88%. If you own FOSL, it is time to sell half your position. DELL reports on Tuesday as well. Don’t expect too much out of this loser tech company. Deere (DE) typically has tough conference calls, so you need to be careful. Wait til after the report. It’ll get hit, and that’s when you can pull the trigger. OC has gotten wildly ahead of itself. AEM is a good gold mining company that has sold off based on the weakness in gold. NTAP was hit hard. It was an amazing buying opportunity. Will you get another chance? NVDA is a stock to ring the register and take profits. Thursday ABX reports. Barrick Gold is a great big cap gold stock at these levels. Don’t forget about JWN on Thursday, let’s see if luxury is picking up any steam. CPB has been struggling for ever. It has been the ultimate value trap. Lots of people have got in there and hoped that it would go up, but hope is not an investment strategy. EGO is the fastest growing gold stock. UPL is the best of breed drilling companies in the natural gas space. You also want to pay attention to the housing numbers

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  1. MadCanada597 says:

    Good news or bad, theres always money to be made.
    If anyones taking financial advice from this guy, they need more help then just economic.

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