Jim Cramer – Don’t Be a Loser

For the latest Jim Cramer, go to JimCramerPicks.com It was another terrific day in stocks, but you need to make sure that you don’t sabotage your portfolio by missing out on the huge gains in the market. You can read quite a lot of dopey opinions when people talk about stocks on Twitter. The most frequent one is is this a top in such-and-such a stock? That is such defeatest thinking. Most stocks, like CAT are still looking strong. You do not have a top on your hands with CAT. They will haver a lot of upside potential in the years ahead. It very well might go down. These are stocks, no sure things. The best pitcher in baseball doesn’t win every game, and the best stocks don’t make huge gains every day. People will call winning stocks losers. This is especially when people see a stock going up that they don’t like. LULU is such a company. It just keeps going up, even though many people criticize it. The criticisms may have been valid, but they just didn’t matter. LULU is a high growth stock. It is a particular type of company in the stock asset class. As long as they keep hitting their benchmarks, then growth funds will keep buying it and it will keep going up. When the growth stumbles, you can short it. AMD is a company that hasn’t made you any money in a decade. It’s not worth investing your money into a bad company. INTC is like the Yankees. They have a long history of being a competitive player. You have a chance to retire on these rallies. You need to find the next

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