Jim Cramer – Best Coal Play

For the latest Jim Cramer, go to JimCramerPicks.com – The market today felt like a battlefield. The Nasdaq lost 2.7%. Don’t try to be a hero. You never know how low this dip can go. Gaddafi has a lot of oil, and he could seriously hurt us. Stocks are still up huge from a month ago. The Achilles heel of this market is oil. If gas prices rise above per gallon, then that could be a serious hit to the economy. Remember what happened last time the prices reached that level? It’s a lot easier to be bullish when the facts are on your side. The markets are overbought, even after this sell off. It’s not that bad to lose 2%. It’s hard to buy the farm equipment stocks, even though the companies are looking pretty good. People are going to be taking profits from their gains left and right. You should take profits too. There is no reason not to sell all of your biggest gainers. Why not get out now? You shouldn’t sell everything. Why? Because the backbone, the overall economy is improving. If things get better, you will miss the reality. If you have been on a super hot stock, then it is time to sell. They have nothing to do with Libya, but they will get hit too. Instead, buy gold and gold stocks. The decline in the agricultural space is also looking good right now. The 3M breakout is overheated and will slow down. Can’t get too excited about anyone who consumes a lot of energy. Higher oil is coming true, and you can’t be as bullish as you have been. There are too many negatives to

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