James Burke : Connections², E1314 : “The Big Spin” & “Bright Ideas”, 1 of 5

Watch Entire Show: www.youtube.com More Shows: www.youtube.com Episodes 13 and 14 of James Burke’s Connections², which is the first of two sequels to the original Connections series. In this series, Mr. Burke continues his investigations into the interconnectedness of ideas and inventions that, usually serendipitously, led to important changes our modern-day world. The format has changed to 25 minute episodes with each episode less focused and much more free-form. Mr. Burke may take a particular historical figure and then expand on an array of subsequent, and important discoveries or inventions directly, or indirectly resulting from there, or else he may take several origins and show how they ultimately came together resulting in some unexpected consequence (as in Connections 1). From a K-web point of view, this series may be visually seen as type of random-walk exploration through “connection space” as a child may do on their first visit, perhaps before discovering a particular topic or thread they may wish to pursue in more detail. Visit k-web.org for more information. See channel page for purchase options.

9 Responses to “James Burke : Connections², E1314 : “The Big Spin” & “Bright Ideas”, 1 of 5”

  1. Indrius says:

    My view of the modern world has changed so much since I started watching James Burke’s documentaries.

  2. JamesBurkeWeb says:

    I don’t have that option available in my settings. Sorry, you’re complaining to the wrong party.

  3. felipepiresrj says:

    for real, the new layout of your thing sucks, change it back plis !!

  4. JamesBurkeWeb says:

    There’s always hope.

    So you can ignore that and start “doing” instead.


  5. theslimeylimey says:

    So, untidiness leads to great discovery. There’s hope for me yet 🙂

  6. JamesBurkeWeb says:

    Me2. He’s hillarious in that season.

    – JBW

  7. kevinamuir says:

    I think the third season is my fav…

  8. JamesBurkeWeb says:

    And really funny too! (but I guess the two go hand-in-hand ;))

  9. seanolly says:

    dude this was a long time ago! But this guys is a total genius!

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