jack ketchum’s the girl next door

Starring: William Atherton, Blanche Baker, Grant Show, Catherine Mary Stewart, Kevin Chamberlin, Blythe Auffarth, Austin Williams, Daniel Manche Cast (Credited cast) Blythe Auffarth … Meg Loughlin Daniel Manche … David Moran Blanche Baker … Ruth Chandler Grant Show … Mr. Moran Graham Patrick Martin … Willie Chandler Jr. Benjamin Ross Kaplan … Donny Chandler Austin Williams … Ralphie ‘Woofer’ Chandler William Atherton … Adult David rest of cast listed alphabetically: Kevin Chamberlin … Officer Jennings Dean Faulkenberry … Kenny Gabrielle Howarth … Cheryl Robinson Spenser Leigh … Denise Crocker Catherine Mary Stewart … Mrs. Moran Peter Stickles … EMT Madeline Taylor … Susan Loughlin Michael Zegen … Eddie

25 Responses to “jack ketchum’s the girl next door”

  1. Dstanciuc says:

    can someone upload this movie on youtube with all his parts:)

  2. Khera420 says:

    its on netflix, the scariest movies ive ever seen

  3. HeCSiwel says:

    Does anyone know where I can watch the full film im really interested on it

  4. spyrothedragon590 says:

    i like all of the music in this film. why won’t someone upload the entire soundtrack of this film?

  5. TheJackson4eva says:

    Dude…. The novel writer was Jack Ketchum. It was a true story. The names were switched to protect identity. And the case was over and done with people who wanted to know the story demanded a movie. There yah go dipshit

  6. rome2sa says:

    noe who junko furuta was?? that crime is more worse and terrifying! i know its hard to believe there is something worse then this but there is

  7. LiteSwitch100 says:

    you don’t want to. it’s the most disturbing movie i have ever seen.

  8. iluvwafflezz4896 says:

    I don’t get what this movie is about

  9. ZombieBiohazard says:

    Gertrude Banizweski was the devil in woman form!

  10. stitchesful says:

    WHY, GERTRUDE, WHY??????  AND HOW?????????

  11. bauer30121990 says:

    der film ist heftig
    hammer einfach der junge tut mir echt leid ….

  12. Foxx988 says:

    tht was a sad movie :/

  13. teddiesluvyou says:

    oh but u have to have an account to much work but thnxs anyway =)

  14. OhhChihuahua says:

    it’s on netflix

  15. sara84282 says:

    and they say the arab women trated bad
    westerns treated worse.

  16. hersheys2100 says:

    I wanna see this movie soo bad! does anyone know what website I can watch it on for free???

  17. SLATania74 says:

    He wrote the book version & this story is based on the real life case of Sylvia likens.

  18. teddiesluvyou says:

    were can u see this movie ?

  19. smoth7 says:

    The story is really depressing.

  20. scorpietta says:

    I am not sure, try Google. I know I don’t need to see it again. Once was enough for me.

  21. dogid3 says:

    ik it’s not i wanna see the movie though um can u get it on video??

  22. scorpietta says:

    YouTube generally doesn’t allow movies that have been at the cinema to be posted. The Chiller channel shows it occasionally. It is NOT for the faint of heart.

  23. MrsWitwer says:

    This movie is based on a true story. People should watch An American Crime – it follows the court transcripts of the abuse of Sylvia Likens by Gertrude Baniszewski. Sylvia died as a result on October 26th 1965.

  24. dogid3 says:

    can someone post this movie on youtube please!!!! i wanna watch it

  25. 123454140 says:

    watching this tariler makes me sick

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