Investing vs. Speculating – Episode #1

In the first episode of The Way to Build Wealth Ethan Bloch stresses the importance of understanding the fundamental difference between investing and speculating.

2 Responses to “Investing vs. Speculating – Episode #1”

  1. robertcgray says:

    His Guru, Mr. Graham was full of it too. Your capital requires a return to be an investment. Therefore – no dividend, no investment. You only have a speculation. All the rest if the financial services cool-aid they want you to drink.

  2. orionmachine says:

    HAHA!! your a dork but I LOVE IT!!! too bad you don’t talk about speculating because I am a professional trader and I make informed statistical decisions that produce 2% a day baby… Compounded thats over 40% a month. Not bragging, but just pointing out that especulation is not too shabby.

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