Intrinsic value described by Ben Graham in Security Analysis.FLV

Introduction to the Concept of Intrinsic value, using Concept Visuals. Benjamin Graham and David Dodd’s classic book Security Analysis, is one of the most comprehensive books on security analysis, however, it can be difficult to read. I’m hoping to make it simpler, using Concept Visuals. You can read more on my investment blog Often overlooked, Intelligent Investor by Benjamin Graham has best business advice for network marketers & those investing in a home business. Wealth creation principles

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  1. Dejan187 says:

    @carteblanche you dont know that!

  2. Dejan187 says:

    awesome vid

  3. carteblanche says:

    @janappeldorn1 he is an Indian

  4. foster2367 says:

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  5. janappeldorn1 says:

    sind sie deutsch ?

    are you german ? you have some kind of accent

  6. 49fiori says:

    Calculating intrinsic value should be the last evaluation of business and the deciding factor, but necessarily the most important factor.

    1.) Find a business you understand
    2.) Make sure it has a predictable durable competitive advantage
    3.) Make sure the management in place is intelligent, energetic and has integrity
    4.) This is where intrinsic value comes in place, make sure it is cheap with great cushion of margin of safety.

    If you find this – BUY IT and lock your trading account for 2 yrs.

  7. zebbedi says:

    @susdash No you can’t. There is no definitive way.

  8. zebbedi says:

    @IndexFundsAdvisors He said: “To that very limited extent I’m on the side of the ‘efficient market’ school of thought now generally accepted by the professors”

    In context he isn’t really agreeing with EMT, rather accepting that his extreme value approach is no longer applicable. IMO, no investor worth their salt would even acknowledge EMT.

  9. rsclutch1990 says:

    @zebbedi Agreed

    This was a terrible video explanation.

  10. Dejan187 says:

    @IndexFundsAdvisors YOU HAVE NO EVIDENCE!

  11. IndexFundsAdvisors says:

    Shortly before his death in 1976, he was interviewed by Charles Ellis and said: “I am no longer an advocate of elaborate techniques of security analysis in order to find superior value opportunities. This was a rewarding activity, say, 40 years ago … but the situation has changed…. [Today] I doubt whether such extensive efforts will generate sufficiently superior selections to justify their cost…. I’m on the side of the ‘efficient’ market school of thought.”

  12. susdash says:

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  13. evilclown99 says:

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  14. zebbedi says:

    @15ProzentPlus Hmm I’m not sure about that.

  15. 15ProzentPlus says:

    Very well explained!

  16. dekized58 says:

    good stuff man

  17. StormJB1 says:

    I love your enthusiasm!

  18. love83forever says:

    Good stuff!

  19. TheRewster1 says:

    He is absoutely correct. Buffett seems to get a little frustrated and saying the same thing over and over again. I also found the original book a challenge to read.

  20. hajiaad says:

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  21. bigbillyz says:

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  22. borderlord says:

    Like your style!

  23. trisky1234 says:

    @capitalismforever I stand corrected. Intermingling terms is not good.

  24. capitalismforever says:

    @trisky1234 No, I didn’t say that either. You obviously have Fundamental and Technical Analysis confused. They don’t inter-mix with each other. Conversely, they are exact opposite from one another. Therefore, only a fool would apply one technique and then subsequently apply the other technique to a particular investment. That person with be left with a contradictory and utterly confused investment prospect. You’re either a fundamental investor or you’re a technical trader. You can’t be both.

  25. trisky1234 says:

    @capitalismforever Okay so carefully analyzing a business to see if it will withstand the test of time, whether it is beneficial in the LONG TERM before buying shares is not thinking? You’re a tool.

  26. capitalismforever says:

    @trisky1234 No, I’m not trying to argue about anything. I’m stating a fact. Technical Analysis helps people to not think.

  27. trisky1234 says:

    @capitalismforever Okay, you’re just looking to start an argument about nothing, probably because you have nothing better to do. I never talked about technical trading I talked about technical analysis, i.e. screening businesses.

  28. capitalismforever says:

    @trisky1234 “technical” trading is complete “speculation”.

  29. trisky1234 says:

    @capitalismforever Where the hell did you read ‘speculating’ in my text?

  30. capitalismforever says:

    @trisky1234 You obviously don’t know what you’re talking about. “technical” speculating has no place in value investing or investment matters at all.

  31. needmanshini says:

    Ilike your sales pitch. Sounds kind of like a sermon.

  32. JustinmacD says:

    The Intelligent Investor and Security Analysis will change your life.

  33. resellworld says:

    @xlazngarnettlx – Why don’t you read a book before you post comments filled with spelling and grammar errors

  34. xlazngarnettlx says:

    why are u trying to selling this book? let the dedicated and “resourceful” ppl find it on their own. this book aint meant for everyone.

  35. stemikger says:

    Awesome video. I have never read the book, but intend to now.

  36. trisky1234 says:

    The difference between a Billionaire and an ordinary man is knowledge but also talent. Warren Buffet was making money when he was 6 years old.. The man is wired for business. Trying to reïnvent yourself as an investor can be quite hard and gets harder the older you get, especially taking into account the chances life will give you when you are young.

  37. trisky1234 says:

    The quick answer: yes and no. It’s a great book, but you’ll still need to learn technical analysis. It’s just a rough guide outlining the theory of value investment. It won’t tell you how to select the right companies or how to read the companies balance etc etc.

  38. WesternCrusaders says:

    Just go on Amazon and order a copy. How are the libraries in the Philippines?

  39. WesternCrusaders says:

    My gosh man you are right. I read the 2000 version 4+ times. Then I attempted Security Analysis… and how difficult it was. My goodness that was dense. Good point about applying these principles universally.

  40. blindcut says:

    Man, is this book really that great? I wanna read this book how can i get my hands on this book… been looking for this book for ages…I think its still not here in the Philippines.

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