Havana Club Cuban cocktails

This week Torontos top mixologists convened on Queen Street at Brooklynn rock- n- roll bar to compete in the Global Grand Prix Cocktail Competition sponsored by Havana Club of Cuba. The mandate, to create a trio of Cuban cocktails based on the popular Cuban signature drinks, such as the Mojito. It was an afternoon of excitement as the top 5 all vied for a chance to represent Canada at the global mix-off taking place in Cuba in May 2010. Each bartender wowed us with their creativity, knowledge, technical agility, speed and personality! The pressure was on as each contender had only 7 minutes to dazzle the judges, their taste buds and the thirsty spectators. The contenders for the Toronto crown included Brad Gubbins from Toronto Institute of Bartending, Adrian Stein, Sopra Upper Lounge, Gavin MacMillan, BartenderOne Corp, Renata Clingen, Teatro Restaurant and Jordan Bushell from Brassaii. It wasnt an easy task for the judges, Adam McDowell, National Post, Graham Duncan, NOW Magazine and Benjamin Leszcz editor The spectacular array of Cuban inspired cocktails included of course the best rum Havana Club, classic ingredients such as lime and mango juice in Renatas Playa Amore to more unusual ingredients such Kumquats as in Adrians cocktail 7 Cubans in the Bronx. But the cocktails that won the judges over were courtesy of Jordan Buschell with Breakfast Under The Sun pass the orange marmalade, please and his Autumn Shrub

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  1. WhiskyAce1 says:

    I think our resident Mixologist should enter. Check out our video how to make an awesome Manhattan cocktail – Canadian style

  2. hauiakks says:

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  3. 203207ab says:

    This is a great video.  You do know that Havana Club cannot be found in any bar in America or bought in any store because of the embargo in the usa. You Canadians are very lucky. 🙂

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