Highlights of the American Adventure – WDW Epcot – Wonders of Epcot – Revised

How the United States evolved. Highlights include Benjamin Franklin, Mark Twain, Thomas Jefferson, Frederick Douglass, Chief Joseph, Susan B. Anthony, Thomas Edison, Alexander Graham Bell, Franklin Roosevelt, Roy Rogers, and more.

www.pausetoplay.blog.com Beakman’s World (O Mundo de Beakman no Brasil) foi um programa educativo de TV estrelado pelo ator americano Paul Zaloom no papel do Professor Beakman. No programa Beakman lia cartas de “tele-espectadores” fictícios, o que era o gancho para a realização de experiências (que ensinava como reproduzi-las em casa) ea abordagem divertida de conceitos científicos. Ocasionalmente interpretava cientistas já falecidos, como Albert Einstein, Isaac Newton, Bernoulli, Alexander Graham Bell, Charles Darwin e Benjamin Franklin. O Professor Beakman era acompanhado pelo seu rato de laborátorio Lester (Mark Ritts) e de assistentes como Josie (Alana Ubach), Liza (Eliza Schneider) e Phoebe (Senta Moses), que mudaram ao longo da série, e por vezes alguns apresentados pelo próprio Beakman, como Art Burns, Meekman (o irmão de Beakman), O Homem Equilíbrio, Vlavaav, eo Professor Chatoff. Muito popular por tornar a ciência divertida, a série foi transmitida no Brasil pela TV Cultura entre 1995 e 2002, com uma breve passagem pela Rede Record, no programa Agente G, em 1997. Também foi exibido pelo canal Cl@se de 2000 a 2005 e em 2006 pelo canal a cabo Boomerang, nos horários das 15h30 e das 21h.

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  1. nototpylop says:

    I love this show we have annual passes and try to stop and see it every week. My 5 year old loves it. I get to point out that we descended from The Mayflower, she is totally unimpressed she just loves the show. I point out all the protest movements and the importance of free speech -she tells me to hush. lol Thanks for all the notes on the voices! It’s hard to get this info these days. Guest Relations has actually suggested google for answers…But it is WILL Rogers not Roy Rogers.

  2. DarkridesDisney says:

    @gmckennon Awww!!! I love your father on Daniel Boone with Fess Parker!

  3. Jazzyliz18 says:

    I love this!

  4. gmckennon says:

    @CPProductions13 Hey, I’m proud to be related to Ben Franklin too, on my mother’s side. My mother and I posed before a statue of him in Boston. Thanks again so much for posting the show!!!!!!

  5. iztech101 says:

    who would dislike this?

  6. CPProductions13 says:

    I’m proud to be related to Benjamin Franklin! <33

  7. 33Keith33 says:

    @gmckennon I’ve always enjoyed the many performances by Dallas McKennon. I’ll always remember him for this portrayal of Ben Franklin and (of course) as Cincinnatus on the “Daniel Boone” TV series.

  8. 33Keith33 says:

    @XElectraBlueX The voice of Will Rogers was performed by Will Rogers Jr. Who better to portray him?

  9. DCNY31279 says:

    @gmckennon Mark Twain’s voice was done by the late Jack Albertson, who played Charlie’s grandfather in Willie Wonka and the old man in Chico and the Man.

  10. XElectraBlueX says:

    Will Rogers = Awesome
    Whos with me?

  11. swampshine says:

    @gmckennon That is really cool…what a great memory.
    You should be proud.

  12. gmckennon says:

    Consider yourself showered with thankyous!.. A website for him is in progress.

  13. gonesouthin says:

    Your father has supplied voices that many generations have enjoyed and will enjoy. I wish I could have thanked him for his contribution. R.I.P Dallas.

  14. rdsvideo1 says:


  15. gmckennon says:

    The voice of Ben Franklin was done by my father, Dallas McKennon, who has done numerous other voice-overs. Nice job filming the show!

  16. volunteer9999 says:

    To think I lugged around a very heavy VCR video camera back in 1989 and recorded this. All day long I did that at Epcot. And that was before video cameras slimmed down LOL,,,,,why am I LOLing?

  17. greginfl says:

    Wow! I am a big fan of the American Adventure at EPCOT! This video was a tremendous surprise. I like the condensed version of just the animatronics!!! Ben and Mark at the end are very lifelike and obviously are higher quality mechanisms than the others. Amazing show and your video is put together wonderfully. The collage at the end is great. Thanks for sharing!!!

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