Haylon Goodbye Session

Sampler made by SinBad (Michael) Small session with my assistant instructors, Klaus Gonche and Eddie Ortiz, some of my tricking students and it was also the last session with Haylon before he went back to NYC. In order of appearance: Michael Povzner, SinBad (Michael), Klaus Gonche, Haylon Harroo, Eddie Ortiz, Benjamin (Ben Jammin), Daniel Graham, Josh (Officer Rico), MiniSin (Daryl), Eric Goldstein, David, and Marcelo 7533 N State Rd 7 Parkland, FL 33073 (954) 755-5221 Tricking Class Tues., Thurs., and Fri. 7:30-8:30pm

17 Responses to “Haylon Goodbye Session”

  1. Nintenke says:

    Graham Cracker =D

  2. rbdmando says:

    name song :D!

  3. NIVI954 says:

    where is this at?

  4. trickinmartialartist says:

    who’s haylon??

  5. CoTrickster says:

    Hurricane be killin it! cant wait to trick in the dojo.

  6. bungnung says:

    THANKS! and once again danny, sick!

  7. meXos90 says:

    i also searched for it .. and now I’ve found it 🙂

    Addiction and Her Name – There for Tomorrow

    just if nobody else has told you until now

  8. dakidgyro says:

    damn i got work to do i needa get back to tricking al the time all u bastards are making me look bad lol ima have to come through and get serious again!!!! but thus sampler is hella crazy HURRICANE!!!!!

  9. NGprcek says:

    yeah man, thats it.. awesomness, love it!

  10. TonyFA says:

    sick sampler, klaus killed it

  11. corkscrewkid says:

    Damn!! Skyline Klaus killed it with the webster webster… haylon darkness b-twist hyper nice.. eddie mr eat and don’t run td raiz gainer gainer… danny uh guud!

  12. bungnung says:

    man i love you guys..cant wait to trick with yall! and sick song, what is it??

  13. AhmadFrenzel says:

    haha, looks like an awesome session!

  14. Mateusz91 says:

    Nice video :D, great tricks, and Daniel Graham is the Boss 😛

    This ending 😀 haha, funny, and cool dance moves 😛

  15. shinoto says:

    Who was the dude who saluted at the end o.o

  16. pirata13 says:

    hell yeah! you’re a jerk =) hahahaha

    great sampler!

  17. Mikey2615 says:


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