Had Enough of Phelps and Westboro?

What has become of America? How can a Jim Jones wannabe liked Fred Phelps cause so much pain? HOW CAN WE FIGHT BACK AGAINST THIS MADNESS? Witness what the maniacs of Westboro “praise God” for, and what they scrawl on their stupid signs. I am a Christian, a Baptist at that, and these loons are dragging the name of Jesus through the mud with their idiocy. I believe that now is the time for action; we must preserve the dignity of the fallen and stop the plague of hatred that WBC is attempting to spread through this nation!! Images and music used belong to their respective owners. Don’t illegally download the music; buy it off iTunes or Amazon mp3, please. Also, if a flame war starts in the comments, all comments pertaining thereto will be deleted ­čÖé

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49 Responses to “Had Enough of Phelps and Westboro?”

  1. Fliddlediddle1 says:

    Well Well Well…..Fred Phelps you and your little gang to my hit list, Might not´╗┐ be soon BUT REST ASSURED IT WILL HAPPEN YOU WILL PAY WHAT YOU OWE! PAINFULLY BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA >=D

  2. iwannabe24 says:

    WE´╗┐ should all ignore this non-loving unforgiving message and proclaim the hour of GOD’S acceptance!!!!!! 2 DAY if you hear his voice harden not your heart.

  3. planemad2 says:

    @blakodeel im so confused they quote from the bible tho Im so scared in what to´╗┐ believe ­čÖü

  4. blakodeel says:

    @Ladylaconia I didn’t read´╗┐ your reply this time. I’m just replying.

  5. Ladylaconia says:

    @blakodeel Your opinions are your own in this matter. I will continue to´╗┐ witness to lost souls in hopes that the Holy Spirit will bring them under conviction. If God chooses to harden some hearts and save others that is His doing, it is still my job to put the message out there.

  6. noobie1890 says:

    My dad is in a pipe band and he’s a drummer. His band was gonna play at a little girl’s funeral and those Patriot´╗┐ Riders were there waiting for those assholes, but they those assholes were stuck at the airport due to a storm. They were lucky cuz there were about a thousand riders waiting for them

  7. MrCroclover95 says:

    “Greater love´╗┐ hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for a friend.” John: 15: 13

  8. MrCroclover95 says:

    You did an absolutelly amazing job in this .I believe you are right, they are of the devil, they aren’t glorifying God or anything bibilical. I’m proud people like you and me, honest to god, bonified patriots, still exsist in this´╗┐ world. The day that this ends(Westboro and the other ignoramuses who so wretchedly disgrace our soldiers and the true image of Christianity) will be the day that society takes an enormous positive step forward!

    God bless you,

  9. blakodeel says:

    @Ladylaconia And also GOD draws His people not all will believe as a result. If I say to someone that all proud sinners go to Hell and that person doesn’t like the idea of Hell and doesn’t believe as a result, then it is not by my own´╗┐ doing that they’re hearts are hardened. “Therefore hath he mercy on whom he will have mercy, and whom he will he hardeneth” Romans 9:18. The rich man turned sorrowful after hearing Christ! Luke 18:23. Many followers turned away after hearing Christ John 6:60-68.

  10. blakodeel says:

    @Ladylaconia when a person fights for a country that fully incorporates sin in every institution, joining the army becomes a way of fighting for the pride of America; the rebellion of´╗┐ America. it’s as much of a religious POV as a political cause for those that claim Christianity. Those verses also say there is a time for hate, but it should not be in excess, likewise not in mourning or in these great ceremonies. Jeremiah 16 draws a good parallel to what is happening in America.

  11. Ladylaconia says:

    @wetlegosproduction Be warned,´╗┐ Westboro is NOT the true face of Christianity.

  12. Ladylaconia says:

    @blakodeel Attending someone’s funeral is not the same as worshiping them. There is a time to mourn, as Ecclesiastes 3:1-8 clearly states. And as for winning souls to Christ, it is our job to allow God to work THROUGH us to win souls to Him by spreading the Gospel.

    Ignoble cause, hmmm? Sounds´╗┐ more political than religious ­čśë

  13. blakodeel says:

    @Ladylaconia They need to get down on their hands and knees and start worshiping God instead of their loved ones who have died for an ignoble cause. And´╗┐ win souls to Christ? No man can turn another man’s soul to Christ, that is of God’s doing. They are not harassing, they protest at a hundreds of feet away, and it is to warn them of God’s wrath against this nation of sinners, idolaters, and God-haters. they are warning: Revelation 3:19, Leviticus 19:17, Luke 17 :3

  14. juki0h says:

    i still think´╗┐ the government is behind this, one day the truth will come out…. eventually

  15. irecordednicesongs says:

    you know, i don’t want sound sadistic. but maybe what they are doing, is making people realize, that there is hatred in the world. even atheists know that god is´╗┐ love. but, they choose not to believe. they have a right to. you shouldn’t force religion on any one. they stand for every thing, that God is not.

  16. poo4breakfast says:

    God hates Masterchief.´╗┐

  17. starmage11 says:

    They’re simply people trying to justify hatred. To be frank, I’m ashamed to call them fellow sentients and humans. I just can’t understand why people have to hate others simply because they are different. Who cares about the color of one’s skin? Who cares about one’s beliefs? It shouldn’t really, but the hatred and ignorance is bringing down our species. And these´╗┐ people [Westboro] are the type that would rather let the world burn than help it.

  18. wetlegosproduction says:

    this is why iv converted to athiest already even though im only 11´╗┐

  19. headbanger623 says:

    @Ladylaconia You’re a christian?´╗┐ Shame. But good videos!

  20. black0193 says:

    @Ladylaconia This video…..it really made me think of how terrible the people of the Westboro Baptist Church really´╗┐ are. I agree with you.

  21. Ladylaconia says:

    @headbanger623 You’re welcome.
    These people “thanked God” for the deaths of little children due to a tornado in my state, Mississippi, and I felt compelled to speak (or, Youtube) out against them.
    I don’t hate them… I just hate their actions. Kinda like God hates the sin but loves´╗┐ the sinner.

  22. Ladylaconia says:

    @MaryWaterton I believe that God is in control over everything that happens including all natural disasters.´╗┐ That said, I also believe that He does not condone the practice of desecrating the deceased and harassing their families through picketing the funerals and attempting to gain attention through the exploitation of their loved ones’ grief. America may be wicked, but that should be our motivation to win more souls to Christ instead of making a spectacle. Proclaim the Gospel instead of hate.

  23. MaryWaterton says:

    God has power over´╗┐ every atom in His universe. Not one tornado, hurricane, earthquake, famine, war, or act of terrorism that kills thousands happens without the foreknowledge of God. If God foreknew and allowed it to happen, then was with His consent. That is simple logic. Even Jesus said this!

    America is the most wicked nation on Earth, daily breaking all of His Laws and laughing about it. God’s umbrella of protection is no longer over America.

  24. headbanger623 says:

    Absolutely fantastic video.´╗┐ Thank you.

  25. TehFliest1 says:

    I’ll´╗┐ thank god the day that Fred dude dies

  26. ericlight6244 says:

    0:42 Fuck ICP! in´╗┐ other words

  27. Rocklar911 says:

    I listen to Snoop Dogg, Dr Dre Day, Tupac and Eazy E, all the gangsta´╗┐ rap, I hate every white rapper, Eminem and everyone, but Cena? not him, he’s awesome

  28. Dude411ish says:

    Awesome song´╗┐

  29. SupaFlyKilla6 says:

    Man i whis Cena was part of´╗┐ my family

  30. ThinkCCCP says:

    John Cena´╗┐ is the BEST!!!!

  31. TheKiko302 says:


  32. ParisTheForeman says:

    john cena said fuck your borin rap and this song is borin cause he talks super muthafuckin slow but i like the´╗┐ rest of his music

  33. BathorysGraveland says:

    @robloxbang1 ….what?´╗┐ Can you at least try to make your sentence coherent? Please.

  34. robloxbang1 says:


  35. BathorysGraveland says:

    @robloxbang1 Lol, the guys in´╗┐ N.W.A were in music before this Lowkey even came out of his mothers womb.

  36. gizarangi says:

    this cunt is the fucken man he´╗┐ is seriously a mean ass rapper

  37. robloxbang1 says:

    @BathorysGraveland LOWKEY! is the greatest rapper showing the real hip-hop music how raps are not rap bout drugs,guns´╗┐ n girls n that stuff, the real rapper is LOWKEY!

  38. BathorysGraveland says:

    What’s up with´╗┐ this “Cena vs. Eminem” shit? We all know the greatest rappers to ever live were N.W.A, simple as that.

  39. MrsBieber212R says:

    @MySherbertLemon same here i like them both cena and eminem´╗┐ rock

  40. OseyTension says:

    tumbs up if ya dont give´╗┐ a f about if cena is white or black hes a top rapper

  41. sportstalentscout says:

    Check out John’s cousin Joey Chenoweth
    you must add the w w w .

    youtube.com/watch?v=csA_nqlX4W c´╗┐

  42. quadmonster1 says:

    white boyy´╗┐

  43. deoine0lynches says:

    you’re a bitch for even responding.´╗┐ Btw, 6 feets down lies a bitch, which describes you perfectly.

  44. 6feetsdown says:

    @deoine0lynches YOU all fags got it wrong,i guess @MySherbertLemon meant is,it´╗┐ reminds him of eminem,in the sense that hes a white Rapper,hes not comparing them,everyone knows eminem is the White God of rap,and you guys are being Idiots for taking serious what the guy said

  45. Jal8592 says:

    @MySherbertLemon you have to be´╗┐ kidding

  46. deoine0lynches says:

    if cena reminds you of eminem then you remind me of the shit´╗┐ that I take everyday.

  47. milcotma1 says:

    ps esta vacan mrenla´╗┐

  48. YaHomieSmoke says:

    @MySherbertLemon Whooooooooa…. Cena is a good rapper, but he’s nowhere close to´╗┐ as good an Eminem.

  49. Patriot4lyfe12 says:

    it´╗┐ all about john cena

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