Graphic Violent Police Bashing Caught on CCTV in Queensland!Cop gets 27 months!

Police release security video of Benjamin Price bashing handcuffed tourists at Airlie Beach Read more: The Queensland Police youtube channel is The graphic video is

25 Responses to “Graphic Violent Police Bashing Caught on CCTV in Queensland!Cop gets 27 months!”

  1. GrahamAndFriends says:

    @GODDOMOTFRONK the full video is also in an annotation in this video, if you even bothered to watch my video.

  2. GrahamAndFriends says:

    @GODDOMOTFRONK the full police video is in the link below my video.


    no video here, stupid self-aggrandizement.

  4. crimblueline says:

    @W78516 thats why all qld police are sewer filth, gutless scum that protect their fellow scum

  5. crimblueline says:

    @billiejoeblow1 haha suck it hard you weak faggot filthy human ben price, bet he likes it up the arse like all filth copper trash, good gal on the drugs who put him in haha haha eat my shit you gutless PIG

  6. Diediddlydie says:

    Graham less speed bro

  7. lissalives1 says:


  8. lethalfail says:

    police is the same as admins on servers. when you give them power they abuse it for there own will

  9. horsefucker1680 says:

    All the police sucks. Tell them huge Aussie friend. But I expected something else from this video.

  10. wished69 says:

    ahhhh queensland police, some bad? hahahahahahahaha


  11. ElGatoLoco698 says:

    You should have went ahead and posted the video. The police can’t hold a copyright claim on it.

  12. 1the8punisher7 says:

    27 months?

  13. MrNaichwersonst says:

    Don’t you have other ppl to talk to?

    So maybe you have to think why.

  14. TheMustafa87 says:


  15. 4noik says:

    you are gandalfs fat son

  16. 2plus2doesnotequal5 says:

    I am not sure if I agree with your comment Graham at 00:50 My son Jordan, a victim of severe school bullying was tortured by police in Queensland parliament and Queensland Police have refused to respond to my allegations and Jordan continues to be denied political advocacy and media attention.

  17. sangmai123 says:

    son of a bitch

  18. bikie2 says:

    what more could you expect from those obese McDonald eaters

  19. melskuu says:

    man you should get a diet. just saying 🙂

  20. jennilicious007 says:

    show the FOOTAGE… we dont care about commentaries. thumbs up if you agree

  21. KirtyBoii92 says:

    Dude who the fuck are you? I find your blogs everywhere but i dont watch them

  22. longlostmatthew says:

    since when did hagrid become australian

  23. mrbonga2u says:

    the queensland police are a bunch of cockheaded bullies that abuse their powers. fuck the police

  24. whessly says:

    nowhere near enough for a bastard like him.

  25. dougiewhite778 says:

    the police are scum just out for themselves and a cushy pension

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