Gloriana Part 9: ACT III Sc i

This production, by Colin Graham, first saw the light in 1966 and was revived in 1984 for the ENO tour of the USA which culminated with two ecstatically received performances at The Met. GLORIANA Benjamin Britten Libretto by William Plomer Queen Elizabeth I – Sarah Walker Robert Devereux, Earl of Essex – Anthony Rolfe Johnson Frances, Countess of Essex – Jean Rigby Sir Walter Raleigh – Richard van Allan Penelope, Lady Rich – Elizabeth Vaughan Sir Robert Cecil – Alan Opie Charles Blount, Lord Mountjoy – Neil Howlett Henry Cuffe – Malcolm Donnelly Lady-in-Waiting – Lynda Russell A Blind Ballad Singer – Norman Bailey The Recorder of Norwich – Dennis Wicks A Housewife – Shelagh Squires Master of Ceremonies – Alan Woodrow A Morris Dancer – Robert Huguenim The City Cryer – Leigh Maurice The Spirit of the Masque – Adrian Martin Time – Ian Stewart Concord – Amanda Maxwell Directed for the stage by Colin Graham Directed for TV by Derek Bailey Chorus and Orchestra of the English National Opera Conducted by Mark Elder

New Website: My Play List: 45Minutes of Beautiful Relaxing Music With Alluring Pictures! Relaxation Music & Beautiful Pictures Music by Mantovani Orchestra! 1) PERCY FAITH lyrics – Song From Moulin Rouge (Where Is Your Heart) “Song From Moulin Rouge (Where Is Your Heart)” (Words by William Engvick and Music by Georges Aurie) Whenever we kiss I worry and wonder Your lips may be near But where is your heart It’s always like this I worry and wonder You’re close to me here But where is your heart It’s a sad thing to realize That you’ve a heart that never melts When we kiss, do you close your eyes Pretending that I’m someone else You must break the spell This cloud that I’m under So please won’t you tell Darling, where is your heart? 2) Bobby Darin – Beyond the Sea Lyrics Somewhere beyond the sea, Somewhere, waiting for me, My lover stands on golden sands And watches the ships that go sailing; Somewhere beyond the sea, She’s there watching for me. If I could fly like birds on high, Then straight to her arms I’d go sailing. It’s far beyond a star, It’s near beyond the moon, I know beyond a doubt My heart will lead me there soon. We’ll meet beyond the shore, We’ll kiss just as before. Happy we’ll be beyond the sea, And never again I’ll go sailing! Posted by Professor Dr. Howdy of ‘Thought & Humor’ I’ve often thought that these folks just might enjoy this video: 1. Humphrey Bogart 1. Katharine Hepburn 2. Cary Grant 2. Bette Davis 3. James

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  1. rakewell2 says:

    umm, where are parts 10-13?

  2. alluminary says:

    This must be one of the most powerful scenes in opera – FANTASTIC performances!

  3. Capricornboy says:


  4. itsabouttime123 says:

    @jakatom – There’s plenty of other videos w/o the One True God of the Bible my friend. Perhaps you’re comment indicates that you are not so confident in your unbelief of the Creator God. Remember that He loves you so much that He sent His Son to die for you so that you wouldn’t have to…

    ILoveProfHowdy (dot) Com

  5. jakatom says:

    I wanted to see a relaxing video, not to be brainwashed by religion 🙁

    BTW there is absolutely no proof for god !

  6. itsabouttime123 says:

    @musicroman – Thank you for your kind words.
    There’s 250 music videos here just like it!

    I have two YouTube music accounts:
    ILoveProfHowdy (dot) Com

    There’s a Goldmine Of Romantic Music
    that is in the process of being LOST
    forever. Music written in the first half
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  7. musicroman says:

    This is so nice…

  8. ISIS0800 says:

    too religion-y.
    music’s very good though…

  9. zzzzz87 says:

    Why do you mention all those actors from the AFI list?


    Reminds me of music in Paris

  11. jamesbirkett says:

    great but need more God in your vidoes!!

  12. sesame520 says:

    it great

  13. itsabouttime123 says:

    Actually the music is played
    by Mantovani.

  14. joydarling314 says:

    Great video for any one who wants to know the mane of the song is 2. The Song From Moulin Rouge (Where Is Your Heart) by Percy Faith

  15. louisevale says:

    I loved the pictures and the music in this video.

    But i’m sorry, it was spoilt a bit by the religous stuff.

  16. itsabouttime123 says:

    Then it’s good because you
    have not slept in several

  17. greenday8821 says:

    this made me sleep

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