Global Cool Trailer written by Elliott Tiney and Ben Wilson

A mock trailer written by Tiney and Wilson, of idiots of ants, for Global Cool. Starring Sienna Miller, Tony Blair, Heather Graham and Amitabh Bachan,

8 Responses to “Global Cool Trailer written by Elliott Tiney and Ben Wilson”

  1. justwatchingalot says:

    XD omg

  2. kaosruin says:

    rofl tony blair leading from the front….. ROFL

  3. doubledrumming says:

    Lmfao, I Love It, Especially The Tony Blair Bit Rofl.

  4. doubledrumming says:

    Rofl? CO2 Is Also Bad You Dumb Arse, It Reacts In The Atmosphere And Ozone To Turn Into Carbon Monoxide As Well And CO2 Damages The Ozone Anyways, Just Not To The Same Extent… But Yeah, There Has To Be A Proportion, But NO, Trees Don’t ‘Breath IN’ Lmao.
    Why Post That On Such A Good Video (N)

  5. XenoAlex2222 says:

    I Love this!!

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  6. galatix27 says:

    I… I think you might be retarded or something. You should look into that.

  7. TheAntiTerrorist says:

    Carbon? Isn’t carbon one of the building blocks of all life on the planet? Isn’t CO2 what trees Breath IN, keeping nature in balance? Aren’t trees essentially the earth’s lungs? By cutting down forests for IKEA, are we not performing a Pneumonectomy on the earth? Is anyone buying this ‘Carbon footprint’ BS? Carbon MONOXIDE bad, Carbon DIOXIDE good…surely!!
    Nice trailer,Idiotsofants are funny fellas. BS premise.
    I’m working on increasing MY CO2 output, tax me, if you can!

  8. Zanhoff says:

    Wow. . these guys are hillarious.. and SUCH production value. . . I assume this was made for Broadcast in the UK.

    Cheers mates. . . from Toronto

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