Gallagher Girl movie cast

THE GIRLS Cammie:Debby Ryan Liz: Bridget Mendler Bex: Tiana Benjamin Macey: Selena Gomez THE BOYS Josh: Alexander Conti Zach: Drew Roy or Josh Hutcherson THE TEACHERS Headmistress: Lauren Graham Joe Solomon: Brad Pitt Prof. Buckingham: Jamie Lee Curtis Dr. Fibs: Jim Rash Mr. Mosckowitz: Fred Armisen Song: Sunshine and Joy by Lisa Bevill

9 Responses to “Gallagher Girl movie cast”

  1. ImGryffindorGirl says:

    ewwww i hate Debby Ryan!!!! never sorry…

  2. AngelaOrchid189 says:

    I liked your choices for the teachers and u like the second zach better than the first


    This is one of the best cast I’ve seen but I don’t like your choice of Bex, Josh, or Mr. Solomon. i Love your choices for Cammie and Liz and everybody else. Sorry but that’s just my opinion!

  4. Msballetdiva says:

    @synchroswimgrl thank you

  5. synchroswimgrl says:

    this is perfect!!!!!!

  6. Msballetdiva says:

    @Purpleodin its ok everyone has adifferent opinion

  7. Purpleodin says:

    @Msballetdiva i donna they just seem wrong

    but no offence its just my opion

  8. Msballetdiva says:

    @Purpleodin who would u have 4 them?

  9. Purpleodin says:

    That was great except 4 the boys and solomon

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