Fresh Ducks gone wild! (rehearsal jam)

Hey guys, we’re still alive! After months of writing and recording we’re finally getting ready to release our first album “Sport Frei!”. We’ll also start gigging again very soon. The clip you’re seeing is from a rehearsal last month. We (including our new 19-year old drummer Benjamin Scheufler) went nuts while jamming and improvising over a few new riffs. Fresh Ducks are: Pierre Gissel – Sax Martin “Wischi” Wichmann – Guitar Marius Leicht – Keys Mirko Schmidt – Bass Benjamin Scheufler – Drums Be prepared for more news on our album, coming out this year!

another part to the 16 bars series

7 Responses to “Fresh Ducks gone wild! (rehearsal jam)”

  1. hemmelight says:

    Still love this. :)

  2. Letes92 says:

    was fürn amp haste?

  3. EvoJackson says:

    Sounded great man!!

  4. ChrisFeener says:

    Fantastic as per usual.

  5. andyvicius says:

    hey!!!! keep en coming wischi!!!!!

  6. lauriemonk says:

    Monster… great to see some licks again!

  7. RussRocReady says:

    That was mean!!! Don’t killm cuz……jus Bless’m. No stop’n!!

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