Fairytale of Dalriada – Upper 6th Christmas Song (Class of 09)

The (almost) annual Christmas song from the Upper 6th Dalriads. Thanks to the Song Comitee, Benjamin H. Graham(Manager), Brian Alcorn(Conductor), Lauren Bell(Pianist), Andrew Gilmore(Camera and editing), Pete(Filming), Mr.Skelton(Permission), Miss. Crawford (Overseer) and Mrs. Black (for being Awesome)…we love you Claire, we do! Our song contains parodies of Fairytale of New York by the Pogues, Feed the World by Band Aid, Smooth Criminal by Michael Jackson and non-parody rendition of Don’t stop believin’ by Journey. Full to the brim with 6th Form pop-humour that only we get…enjoy and Merry Christmas to ya!

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6 Responses to “Fairytale of Dalriada – Upper 6th Christmas Song (Class of 09)”

  1. sarahbbz70smiley08 says:

    i go tay ballymoney high lOl xoOx

  2. LJSRK says:

    Ha ha – glad it’s still going. Hopefully along with 25 million partridges…

  3. HeadfirstForHalos412 says:

    Ah, sucks I missed it 🙁
    Really makes me miss Dalriada!! I can’t believe I missed the Xmas song – I was looking forward to it for 6 years! lol

  4. lemypie says:

    amazin’ i never got 2 hear it cuz i was in da junior assembly, bt my sis helped wrrite it.

  5. hellome12344 says:

    class good times!

  6. younghappy says:

    I suggest you watch it in high quality.

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