Eleonora Abbagnato ei coreografi del XX secolo

ELEONORA ABBAGNATO ei coreografi del XX Secolo regia di Luciano Cannito, a cura di Daniele Cipriani George Balanchine, Davide Bombana, Luciano Cannito, William Forsythe, Martha Graham, José Limón, Susanne Linke, Thierry Malandain, John Neumeier, Roland Petit, Jerome Robbins danzano: (in ordine alfabetico) Eleonora Abbagnato (première danseuse dell’Opéra di Parigi) Kathryn Alter (Limón Dance Company) Katherine Crocket (Martha Graham Dance Company) Roxane D’Orléans Juste (Limón Dance Company) Jonathan Fredrickson (Limón Dance Company) Gonzalo García (principal del New York City Ballet) Nicolas Le Riche (étoile internazionale) Susanne Linke (Tanztheater – Susanne Linke) Benjamin Pech (étoile dell’Opéra di Parigi) Tiler Peck (principal del New York City Ballet) José Perez (già principal del Balletto Nazionale di Cuba – star televisiva) Francisco Ruvalcaba (Limón Dance Company) Venerdì 22 e sabato 23 ottobre 2010, ore 20.30 Auditorium Conciliazione Roma, via della Conciliazione, 4

[WATCH IN HD PLEASE!!] Hi !! ♥ First of all, I would like to thanks you guys ! I can’t imagine I have already 100 Subscribers. It means a lot to me so thanks a lot ! SPECIAL THANKS TO MY LOVELY AND UNIQUE ANGIE, GEORGIE OR MLLEXANGIEXLOVE WHO CREATED MY WATERMARK! 😀 Let’s talk about this new video ! I wanted to make a new opening of TVD since a while now and with the hiatus, I thought it would be the perfect moment to post it 🙂 Personally, I like the coloring and I hope you will like it too ! Do not hesitate to comment and rate ! Oh yeah and I put Paul before Nina, because I think that he has a really important place in this season so.. I wanted to change the usual order 🙂 Thanks a lot ♥♥ PS : STEFAN ROCKS !!! Music : Without You – Breaking Benjamin Videos : The Vampire Diaries (c) Program : Sony Vegas Video 7 » LATEST VIDEOS : Stefan & Elena || I can’t give up on you, Stefan. [3×03] ♣ www.youtube.com Merlin || I tried to be perfect. [4×01-02] ▲ www.youtube.com Arthur & Uther Pendragon || Stay with me. [4×03] ♚ www.youtube.com Stefan&Elena + Damon || Your heart starts beating for that somebody new. ■ www.youtube.com Arthur+Gwen | Give me something I can believe. [4×05] ❥ www.youtube.com My twitter :: twitter.com My tumblr :: acourtyardapocalypse.tumblr.com

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    Awesome !! Loved it.

    But just to be a pain in the ass- Claire is the correct spelling of her name (:

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    that was awesome

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    ok this is amazing one of the best tvd openings ever!!!

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    It’s like … perfect ! I love it ! Great job ! ♥

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    Aww thank you! I’m glad you like it! 😀

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    OHMYGOD Freddie, this opening is AMAZING.EPIC. I’m completely in love <3

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