Elena Gilbert & Damon Salvatore – Someone Like You

Paixão de Elena & Damon ♥♥

It’s time for the haters to realize that this is a GOOD football team(The best we’ve fielded since ’05)

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  1. melanie2lua says:

    Lindoo , ohh Delena !!! lógico que eles vão ficaar Juntos ! Ohhh !

  2. LeticiaCReis says:

    gostei ! 🙂

  3. iLua952 says:

    Adorei seu video ! más é Stefan que ela ama ! ♥

  4. liviasalvatoresz says:

    ♥ Nossa que vídeo maais lindo ♥ Delena devem ficar juntos ♥ owmm !

  5. JayCutlerOWNSy0utube says:

    lol goin thru your vids and watchin them late night ftw 😛 .. Man, I’ll always remember this game. Such a special game and makes me sad and miss Josh McDaniels 🙁 .. Loved his passion and this game. Miss those days … but damn when you mentioned Ortons stats … 7 TD’s and 1 pick in 5 games .. Don’t those stats sound familiar 😉 lol .. Kinda wierd.

  6. torontobills says:

    Bills Take On Ravens

  7. Denverboy01 says:

    I would rather have Kyle Orton at center than Jay Cutler. Jay has 20 picks and is not a great leader. Orton can control the ball and still make big plays like cutler.

  8. mcvalencotto says:

    could we get an update vid? thanks.

  9. BroncosCentral says:

    Thanks for the support man!

  10. grant4479 says:

    dude- i so love your passion.. you get it!! i`m old skool with randy gradishar ,tommy jackson, the org orange crush..but i get your passion for this year… dawkins was HUGE.
    just so you know when the broncos won the first superbowl??? i cried like a bitch… calling my dad..hes crying too..saying “we did it”
    rock on Broncos central

  11. mrodgers429 says:

    Ortons a winner it would be awesome if he could get a ring this year and rub it in lovie and co’s face ha can you imagine how cutler and bears managment will feel if the Broncos win it i know it early but i got faith in my boy Orton and this new team hes on.

  12. thirtystmars712 says:

    lol.. non-bronco fans like him just dont understand… lol still no respect.. but when the leauge is walking down the feild with our superbowl trophy, maybe they’ll beilive haha

  13. QueenFanFoLife says:

    man the broncos are for real !
    we beat the patriots !
    what else do we have to prove ?

  14. davidxalan says:

    did we have to bring up cuttler

  15. quantae06 says:

    Yeah, your team keeps winning. I thought the Jay Cutler trade might come back to bite ya’ll, but it hasn’t. I knew Kyle Orton was a winner, but I didn’t think he would cope with the Broncos. I was thinking he doesn’t have the defense he had in Chicago to just manage the game. But the Broncos defense is a big surprise this year.

  16. WelcomeToD00Merville says:

    Great vid man. I love absolutely everything about this team. I think it makes it even more special because of everything our team and we as fans, have gone through to get to this point. McD pumping his fists towards the crowd and celebrating really gave me chills. I love my Broncos!

  17. jacksonarl says:

    Yeah men, 5-0!!! Bring on tha Dolts, I can’t wait to see Knowshon run all over that soft ass run D of SD either. Looks like I could see some quiet Charger fans next week at Qualcom stadium….lol.

  18. bill4volz says:

    I will say something and that is you guys are for real.

  19. BroncosCentral says:

    Yeah man. We could very well have our 2 future corners on our team already

  20. TheWWEKid1 says:

    5-0!!!!, Chargers god I hate them & to all the haters & so called analysts CAN YOU SEE US NOW BITCH!!!!!

  21. TheTrillz says:

    I was impressed with Kyle Orton this game. He has a stronger arm than I thought(I guess it was the glove). Anyways, I hope the broncos can keep their sick Defense.

  22. cutler4prez says:

    Yeah that dude can FLY, now you better just hope romo can get him the ball consistently because when the ball is in his hands he can make things happen after the catch.

  23. blueotis2 says:

    How About Dem PONIES?????

  24. cutler4prez says:

    Yeah for sure man, HUGE pickup…..How about Jack Mother Fucking Williams, I thought he had a very good game yesterday. With him and Alphonso learning from the BEST in Champ, I am very excited about these two.

  25. rollercoasterfweak says:

    I sure hate this… it’s a pain congrats though

  26. BroncosCentral says:

    Yeah I saw that man. SO SICK. gotta love Dawk.

  27. cutler4prez says:

    GOOD VIDEO MAN, you just gotta love it. All these talking heads on the tv are absolutely STUNNED.

    When you get a chance go look at that recap video on the Broncos website and Dawkins pre game speech once again…..instant CHILLS

  28. BroncosCentral says:

    Yeah man. definitely lookin forward to that

  29. cutler4prez says:

    haha man I hope your wrong…..that boy miles austin on your team looked explosive.

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