Easy Company Soldiers and Band Of Brothers Actor’s

For more information about Easy company (Dutch & English): members.chello.nl Easy Company Bastogne Foy Battle Of The Bulge Market Garden Eindhoven Arnhem D-day { I Dont Own The Music Or Any Of The Pictures } Damian Lewis Maj. Richard D. Winters Luke Griffin Sgt. Terence “Salty” Harris Donnie Wahlberg 2nd Lt. C. Carwood Lipton Matthew Duquenoy C-47 pilot (Episode 2) Ron Livingston Capt. Lewis Nixon Michael Edmiston Parachute instructor (Episode 1) Matthew Settle Capt. Ronald Speirs Stephen Walters John McGrath Rick Warden 1st Lt. Harry Welsh Diana Kent Mme. Lamb (housewife, Episode 3) Frank John Hughes SSgt. William “Wild Bill” Guarnere Matthew Faber Scott Grimes TSgt. Donald Malarkey Josefien Hendriks Dutch young woman Neal McDonough 1st Lt. Lynn “Buck” Compton Wil Röttgen German officer Rick Gomez Sgt. George Luz Ben Peyton Warr. Off. Andrew Hill Eion Bailey Pvt. David Kenyon Webster William Tapley Capt. Paige (British tank commander, Episode 4) James Madio Sgt. Frank Perconte Ian Virgo Soldier Kirk Acevedo SSgt. Joseph “Joe” Toye Jack Wouterse Dutch farmer Michael Cudlitz Sgt. Denver ‘Bull’ Randleman Dan van Husen Commandant Alleged Richard Speight Jr. Sgt. Warren “Skip” Muck David Crow Cpl. Nicksons Dexter Fletcher SSgt. John Martin Ben Montague Pvt. Matt McDowell Ross McCall Cpl. Joseph Liebgott Stephen Milton Shane Taylor Cpl. Eugene Roe (doctor) Laird Macintosh Jeep driver (Episode 6) Peter McCabe Cpl. Donald Hoobler Corey Johnson Maj. Kent Robin Laing Pvt. Edward

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  1. agatematt says:

    Bravo! Thank you for the time and effort it took to create this most memorable and loving tribute to a group of Americans who left their homes to fight in a war not for land or wealth but for the idea of freedom. Many, of course, made it to The Netherlands and some died there but most survived to live long and honorable lives. It speaks well of the Dutch that they still so honor the young Americans who came among them nearly 70 years ago.

  2. Distancian says:

    @SAVAGEGRUNT21 This is my first video, I have various other videos with a lot more Veterans, Pvt. Janovec isnt in any of my videos. Because I don’t have a picture of him. And I only include someone in to my videos when i have a picture of The vet and the actor.

  3. SAVAGEGRUNT21 says:

    Where is Tom Hardy and his character? ???

  4. fabledude43 says:

    @annajive1 Dont be the Grammar police

  5. DarkRainJFL says:

    @annajive1 you’re a fucking asshole. you spelt apostrophes wrong dumbass.

  6. ultimatechucknorris says:

    2:12 = most badass guy in history.

  7. louietheduke says:

    this is one of the best mini series i’ve seen. I was surprised to see David Schwimmer in it and Simon Pegg and Dexter Fletcher sporting a very conviencing American accent. One of the best dvds to buy.

  8. iStubble says:

    Skip muck ; my hero.

  9. Distancian says:

    @annajive1 Im very sorry for my Dutch nationality, Too bad i didnt came from an English speaking country, so i could satisfy you with your english grammer bullshit. I made this out of honor for Easy Company and did it in English so people all over the world could see and understand it. But why dont you just make a video with dutch titles? than we will see how great your foreign language grammer is.

  10. annajive1 says:

    man, your spelling and punctuation and grammar are so poor!!! the plural of actor does not have ‘s at the end!!! In fact NO plurals have apostropes!!! And what’s with ‘that didn’t came home’ …..

  11. Distancian says:

    @TNREBEL40348 If you watch my other Easy Company video you will find him in it 🙂

  12. TNREBEL40348 says:

    one of my friends great great uncles was in 506th wayne skinny sisk

  13. CorporalNomad says:

    the score?

  14. CorporalNomad says:

    never hear of name shitty

  15. aquapendulum says:

    Michael Fassbender as Pat, never knew that!!!

  16. 55giantsfan22 says:

    Good video

  17. TwistedSister09 says:

    @Distancian What did I put?

  18. Distancian says:

    @TwistedSister09 Please don’t bring those kind of comments on my video’s, Thank you

  19. Jelinek44 says:


  20. MiNiSamster101 says:

    @MUSICandBEERDRINKER I know that but this vids about easy company so so I talk about easy company


    Every soldier was a hero not only the soldiers of Easy company

  22. MiNiSamster101 says:

    God bless everyone. Guarnere and Toye both got legs blown of in the bulge. Poor guys, Toye was awarded the purple heart 3 times what hero, just like everyone in Easy Company, 506th Regiment, 101st Airborne. What heros.

  23. 07foxmulder says:

    “where’s Dyke”?…. teehee

  24. devilsadvocate22289 says:

    RIP Richard Winters.

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