Easy Company Real Veterans/Soldiers, With the Band Of Brothers Actor’s

Song Name: is Brahm’s Intermezzo in A Major, Op. 118 No. 2. (Thanks to GrumpyPeon) More information about Easy company? (In Dutch & English): members.chello.nl Easy Company Bastogne Foy Battle Of The Bulge Market Garden Eindhoven Arnhem D-day { I Dont Own The Music Or Any Of The Pictures } Damian Lewis Maj. Richard D. Winters Luke Griffin Sgt. Terence “Salty” Harris Donnie Wahlberg 2nd Lt. C. Carwood Lipton Matthew Duquenoy C-47 pilot (Episode 2) Ron Livingston Capt. Lewis Nixon Michael Edmiston Parachute instructor (Episode 1) Matthew Settle Capt. Ronald Speirs Stephen Walters John McGrath Rick Warden 1st Lt. Harry Welsh Diana Kent Mme. Lamb (housewife, Episode 3) Frank John Hughes SSgt. William “Wild Bill” Guarnere Matthew Faber Scott Grimes TSgt. Donald Malarkey Josefien Hendriks Dutch young woman Neal McDonough 1st Lt. Lynn “Buck” Compton Wil Röttgen German officer Rick Gomez Sgt. George Luz Ben Peyton Warr. Off. Andrew Hill Eion Bailey Pvt. David Kenyon Webster William Tapley Capt. Paige (British tank commander, Episode 4) James Madio Sgt. Frank Perconte Ian Virgo Soldier Kirk Acevedo SSgt. Joseph “Joe” Toye Jack Wouterse Dutch farmer Michael Cudlitz Sgt. Denver ‘Bull’ Randleman Dan van Husen Commandant Alleged Richard Speight Jr. Sgt. Warren “Skip” Muck David Crow Cpl. Nicksons Dexter Fletcher SSgt. John Martin Ben Montague Pvt. Matt McDowell Ross McCall Cpl. Joseph Liebgott Stephen Milton Shane Taylor Cpl. Eugene Roe (doctor) Laird Macintosh Jeep driver (Episode 6

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26 Responses to “Easy Company Real Veterans/Soldiers, With the Band Of Brothers Actor’s”

  1. xDudeHimSelfx says:

    I started to watch Band of Brothers a few days ago and it is such a wonderful serie. The best WWII serie ever. No doubt about it

  2. honda1241 says:

    if you like band of brothers ull like the band of brothers that dick winters wrote, its more or less the same as the series but goes into more detail on what the series missed out or couldnt as much because they had a budget, really good read.

  3. KnightOwl2006 says:

    A job well done and a fitting tribute.

  4. bonanzaboy66 says:

    gone but not forgotten it just shows how a group of men with grit can overcome fear and bond with each other…more of these true accounts of ww2 should come to light..the band of brothers is and always will be a glowing tribute to these brave lads who are gone but will never be forgotten….r.i.p..

  5. kevan740 says:

    Very sad video but i love band of brothers i have all movies!

  6. teden20 says:

    Thank you for posting this. Thank you very much.

  7. Distancian says:

    @lafontaine13 Scott Grimes makes brilliant music also, and he follows me on twitter #happy

  8. lafontaine13 says:

    sorry…i pad malfunction..scott grimes is a nice guy

  9. lafontaine13 says:

    good stuff…very nice video. i met scott grimes this past year, he is ver pleasant fe

  10. MrSystematica says:

    wow, amazing- they clearly went into alot of work to ensure the actors looked exactly the same as the real people

  11. prg1972a says:

    @Xxnoahx745xX Yes, his plane went down on D-Day ….(C-47)

  12. Distancian says:

    Guys i really appreciate the comments you give on my video’s but please don’t say anything negative in it. About thumbs down or something like that. Let’s keep it Peacefully. Negative comments will be deleted.

  13. voiceforveterans says:

    A simple remembrance in honor of these heroes. They die with a faithful heart to serve, with dignity and courage.

  14. SayHelloTingky says:

    Guarnere looks just like the old real Guarnere

  15. superscope27 says:

    Doc Roe was my favorite story line in the series. 

  16. Venkat8v says:

    so good to watch this feeling great to watch a real heroes in here and i wish i could be there with them to fight in WW II……!

  17. atticustkam says:

    Nice video: the casting directors did a great job in this series.

  18. MsPoisonInk says:


  19. Distancian says:

    @DoodRanchGD In this picture he does indeed. But in other pictures I’ve seen from him, He does’nt

  20. DoodRanchGD says:

    The real Sgt. Randleman looks exactly the same as the fake Cobb (Craig Heaney)

  21. Xxnoahx745xX says:

    I have a random question,in episode 2,Lt. Meehan died correct? [we got 2 number 7 discs in our set so if he was alive in 3 and 4 i have no clue 😛 ]

  22. Rodgerinho says:

    I typed in Norm Macdonald women drivers and I found this video?!? Good video though, those men were real heroes, and Spielberg and Hanks did a good job of bringing their stories across in that show

  23. TheNinjaBudo says:

    @TheMacahan42 Malheureusement, si ces imbéciles de français avaient réagi tout de suite, la guerre n’aurait jamais pris de telles proportions. Pour moi les français sont complices par leur inaction. Si tu es français, je ne dis pas ca contre toi, et ne le prend pas mal. Mais les allemands eux mêmes disaient qu’ils ont continué parce que les français ne bronchaient pas.

  24. ltsteelmouth96 says:

    You did a fine job putting that video together that’s why i favored it!

  25. ltsteelmouth96 says:

    You did a awesome job putting this together!

  26. jdc2130 says:

    the best part was the speech by julie fleischman

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