DreVail- Future Feat. Drake Tony Montana Freestyle ( Official Music Video )

NEW MIXTAPE: www.hotnewhiphop.com sixteen year old upcoming artist by the name of DreVail remix to Tony Montana Hot track off new mixtape title “Another-DAY.Another-Benjamin support a young artist. video director- Deezy starring Kloud9 photography by: Coolboy production Follow me on twitter @DreVailNEWkidd DOWNLOAD: www.hotnewhiphop.com

7 Responses to “DreVail- Future Feat. Drake Tony Montana Freestyle ( Official Music Video )”

  1. jRSoSikk says:

    #Benjaminz. Ppl mad 🙂

  2. Osmosis15 says:

    aint nobody hatin’ im jus’ telling as it is. Rapping aint for evrybody

  3. MultiBaller99 says:

    Tht was totally a piece of garbage lik wht tht othr dude said this is pointless yu don’t need to quit yu day job cuz tht room in yu mommys basement is gonna be occupied for a while

  4. ONTOPKID says:

    Haters 2 da Max!!!! I liked it 😉

  5. ilovecody127 says:

    That was pointless… And it sucked.

  6. BootyJuicy16 says:

    Osmosis15 Need TO Quit Fucking Hating

  7. Osmosis15 says:

    Dis nigga is so whack! Yur shit dont even make sense. Rapping aint for you and if i was you, i would go back to school and find myself a career. Niggaz know me… i keep it 100. If you got your feelings hurt, oh well. Just being honest.

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