drake weezy gucci dancers status treal magazine Benjamin boys contest get that way treal magazine

drake weezy gucci dancers status treal Benjamin boys contest get that way treal magazine

Song: Ordinary Man-Breaking Benjamin. I DO NOT OWN THIS SONG OR THE RESIDENT EVIL 4 FOOTAGE!

27 Responses to “drake weezy gucci dancers status treal magazine Benjamin boys contest get that way treal magazine”

  1. allennyquistlas says:

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  2. EmmaJakn says:

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  3. AzureKiteReturn says:

    SO coooll *-* 5/5

  4. w200i2000 says:

    AWESOME WORK!This is the best music video i have seen lately!

  5. andy1271992 says:

    i love the vid on the first chorus. and i also love how almost everything leon does contradicts the song. awesome job. (im bein serious)

  6. maksmagnum says:

    Great vid!! Keep up the sweet work…

  7. Kurinoone says:

    One word, Awesome!!!

  8. bluekyle55 says:

    leon a jedi he is

  9. coolxxBEANS says:

    Lol, thank you!

  10. Kamaroth says:

    Very nice movie, the ending is done well, and i am giving you an extra one billion points just because there was some scenes of the verdugo’s (Nosferatu would give you 99 billion points =D)

  11. coolxxBEANS says:

    Omg. That thing was crazy.
    But no, Leon just goes with it, like “Okay! Let’s fight this one too!”

  12. scraps992 says:

    I can’t help but comment one more time, I bet “IT” would have made you shit yourself.

  13. coolxxBEANS says:

    Thanks a lot!

  14. halo645 says:

    nice vid 5/5 from me

  15. coolxxBEANS says:

    Haha yeah. There’s no way I could plan out my exact backflip in a matter of seconds…

  16. scraps992 says:

    maybe but I’ll bet you’ll get cut to pieces in the laser room. I know I would lol.

  17. charmedangel7000 says:

    ur so welcome

  18. coolxxBEANS says:

    Thank you!

  19. charmedangel7000 says:

    this is a cool vid 5/5 and in my playlist

  20. coolxxBEANS says:


  21. LaserCrusader says:

    Nicely done work you have here. I’m impressed.

  22. H3FiRE says:

    XD but i have avideo that says “Leon is an Animel”

  23. angvadel7 says:

    hahaha it me andela u idiot lmao i unno ill talk to you on msn kk cuz ya this is just freaky but ya id fuck him to and suplie the rooom to 😉 me u and leon XD lol well see u

  24. angvadel7 says:

    lol hey jess so would i LMAO THREE SOME ANYONE WANNA JOIN! XD

  25. CronyneWARE says:

    Fucked? man i’d fuck Leon.

  26. angvadel7 says:

    this mite sound crazy but leons so hott i cant help it the graphics look so reall…yeah im fucked 😛

  27. coolxxBEANS says:

    Lol. Nice to meet you Angela.

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