Drake – Forever (Metal Cover)

We did a cover of the Drake song “Forever.” Ronny used Guitar Pro 5 to make the drum track. He used the Line6 UX2 to record the guitars on Mixcraft. He’s using an Esp Ltd Ex with Emg active pickups. He guitar is in Dropped D. George is using an M-Audio mic. The 2nd verse are his own lyrics. www.facebook.com twitter.com ronnykweenz.tumblr.com

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11 Responses to “Drake – Forever (Metal Cover)”

  1. ambros99 says:

    yo this is sick i fuckin love it check my shit out tell me what you think i would love to rip a track with ya

  2. Issuesism says:

    o.k. I hope you don’t mind my video and using your music! please check it out and leave a comment at least. Thanks.

  3. MrRonnykweenz says:

    to be honest i really have no interest in being in a music competition

  4. Issuesism says:

    check out user apmusicgroup about music competition and oh you really should allow links here for your best interest in getting noticed. 😉

  5. Issuesism says:

    sorry link will not post. look at my channel I guess. sorry again. 🙁

  6. Issuesism says:

    I made a music video using yur music. Here is the link.

  7. K9CrewPK says:

    wtf? get this “singing” man out of here, hes ruinin everything!

  8. CriticisingTheOdds says:

    Guitar is good. Voice needs some autotune. Keep up the work

  9. tballsack1 says:

    you guys should do stereo love by maya edward maya. your covers are awsome btw!

  10. MrRonnykweenz says:

    thanx for noticing the guitars! i worked very hard on getting them to sound as good as possible. and im not really familiar with that song, ill have to check it out.

  11. SteelersTillDeath says:

    The Guitar sounds amazing 🙂
    It would be koo if you did “if i die young” by The Band Perry.

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