Don Benjamin New Era Official Music Video

Official music video for The intro off Don Benjamins up coming mixtape Bottled Feelings Titiled “New Era” produced CJ Blair. The Video Was Shot by director Quar Brown in sacramento california. For More Info on Don Benjamin visit the official website and make sure to follow on twitter @itsdonbenjamin

DVD: Convict 99 is a 1938 British comedy film directed by Marcel Varnel and starring British comedian Will Hay and Googie Withers. Incompetent Dr Benjamin Twist (Will Hay) is dismissed from his job as headmaster at St. Michaels’ School (the school returns in a later film The Ghost of St. Michael’s), and applies for a job in another school. Unknowingly, Twist is confused at the Labour Exchange for John Benjamin, a strict prison governor recently arrived from Australia who is applying for the vacancy at Blakedown Prison in Devon. On the way to what Twist believes is the school, he becomes drunk, and on arrival is mistaken for Max Slessor a prisoner who had escaped during a jailbreak. Designated Convict 99 and sentenced to seven years for forgery, Twist is soon discovered to be the new Prison Governor, and once put in his (dubilously) rightful place embarks on a programme to make the prison a more friendly place for the prisoners, funding it from the proceeds of a football pools win and stock market investments. Things take a turn for the worse, when one of the prisoners absconds with the entire prison funds. Twist and some of the convicts head to Limehouse, in east London to catch the errant prisoner, recover the lost funds and successfully break into a bank in order to return the funds. Cast Will Hay – Dr Benjamin Twist Moore Marriott – Jerry the Mole Graham Moffatt – Albert Googie Withers – Lottie “the Baroness” Peter Gawthorne – Sir

11 Responses to “Don Benjamin New Era Official Music Video”

  1. jmizz5 says:

    we got the samee name nd he killed it!!!

  2. deniseGs1 says:

    loving this!!!

  3. jackiesevi says:

    love it!!

  4. supanamu says:

    I can dig it!

  5. witness206 says:

    Nice sight for soar eyes. 😀 <3

  6. JayKubeSbeatS says:


  7. topkknotch says:

    amazing. keep on going hard 😀

  8. byoutyfullgurl says:

    sexy… 1rst

  9. swallin19 says:

    Marvellous British Comedy, completely silly farce, insane in places, and very very funny, with Will Hay on top form.
    Many thanks for the upload.

  10. courtney359 says:

    0:03:00 grown man sleeping with 2 young boys lol

  11. spinout3 says:

    havnt seen this one before..thanks for uploading.

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