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RAHM EMANUEL CHIEF OF STAFF – Member of Israeli Defense Force, staunch Zionist, senator, Board of Directors for Freddie Mac, member of Bill Clintons finance campaign{ senior advisor to Bill Clinton }committee…” Manatory Civilian Security Force just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded as the US military. People of all ages, stations, and skills will be asked to serve. At a dinner to celebrate Bill Clintons first presidential victory Mr Emanuel was his chief fundraiser he began to reel off the names of those who had ‘crossed’ him. He grabbed a steak knife and began plunging it into the table shouting Dead! Dead! Dead! after each name. when a pollster made him angry, Emanuel sent him a dead fish. A devout Jew, Emanuel was so intent on negotiating the passage of Congress’s 0 billion-bailout bill that he got a special waiver from his rabbi to work through Rosh Hashanah. talking to NY Daily News reporter Ben Smith in 2006 about his mandatory civil service plan. The idea was detailed in Emanuel’s co-authored book, The Plan. His father BENJAMIN EMANUEL Was part of the Zionist militant group Irgun in the 40s with militant group the stern! Gang! The Irgun carried out at least 60 attacks against the Arabs and British soldiers! On July 22, 1946 they bombed the King David Hotel Killing 91 people, most of them innocent people! In an interview with Maariv, said he was convinced that his sons appointment would be good for Israel. Obviously he will

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  1. ConservativeMomof3 says:

    QOTD: Captain?  Hello?????!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. floydstinkyboy says:


  3. kittyasuka says:

    Sooooo happy you are doing better! =]

  4. ladyworpledinker says:

    So glad you are feeling better! Stay away stupid migraines or I’ll, I’ll…I’ll be disappointed. Sorry, that’s all I got. :o)

  5. jeffbristervlogs says:

    glad to see you’re feeling better! and keep drinkin that water!!!

  6. crosspecans says:

    QOTD: we stand at the end of the MOVIE and sing together…””.we live a life of ease, everyone of us has all we need, sky of blue, sea of green, in our yellow submarine!””

  7. Ellipser says:

    Rahm not busy licking other mens assholes, bet he’s got something big planned in Chicago this weekend.

  8. Mysterio6one9 says:

    Fukkk Israel and Raham Emanuel and every scum kosher eating jew aholes to ever come out of israel, they all are going to hell for what they doing to arabs

  9. itsadeadmansparty says:

    Let me ask you truckers a question, Why dont you guys unite again like Jimmy Hoffa, right! and make what ever demands you want, you should ask that some of these crazy laws be removed, go damn state to state, as one great union and demand things be fixed or food wont get transported. You know the management now-a-days wont let you guys unite and make decisions on your own, they will threated to hire new workers, maybe even illegals who pay less, see where im going, Unite soon

  10. BudWiser999 says:

    You are either an imbecile, part of the JEW GOONS backing these “dual citizens”, or both. Read the majority of negative comments about him, and educate yourself.

  11. coldhardfacts says:

    Call me probably anti-semite? I’m not against Jews. I’m just against people who call themselves Jews but are not Jews. THEY LIE!!!! Zionist are as anti-semite as they can possibly come. Who owns the MSM US media? Who controlls the fed rez? But yes we both agree that lobby groups should be made illegal here in the United States of Israel

  12. coldhardfacts says:

    look at who controls and operates them. I dare you

  13. hsdscsds says:

    Please explain, you ignorant slut. 

  14. hsdscsds says:

    WHAAAATT? Jews own and operate ALL lobby groups? Please provide a link to back up that ridiculous statement which you say is “just a fact”. You probably are an anti-semite, don’t kid yourself bro. We agree on one thing- lobby groups should be made illegal.

  15. BudWiser999 says:

    This JEW GOON is promoting the destruction of the United States along with his two brothers.

  16. coldhardfacts says:

    I agree that lobbys should be made illegal. And they are all owned and operated by you know who. I’m not anti-semite.  This is just a fact

  17. TheTracker11rt says:

    WHAAATT?  give me a link.

  18. TheTracker11rt says:

    Rahm is definitely a one-government world promoter. He’s like a Nazi in many ways: Wants to grab citizen’s guns ; wants a youth paramilitary group like in Germany 1930’s (him speaking is readily available on youtube). He pushed for extremely heavy no-fly lists.

    He’s using the full force of the coordinated zionist media to trick his way into the Chicago mayorship eventhough HE’S NOT ELIGIBLE. Every Chicago zionist media talking head supports him: Ro Con, Bruce Wolfe, etc. AM 890.

  19. Jakepod34 says:

    They is another video on youtube that describes exactly what you are talking about… except it only talks about Obama

  20. Ceaserr65 says:

    Rahm Emanuel is the Anti-Christ.

  21. thirdworldassassin says:

    i know that … it also has other linguistic meanings … i assure you those are not their names by coincadance .. those are diafied ranks … of the secret societies … using the hegalian dialectic … its nice to know im not the only one using my golgotha …

  22. thirdworldassassin says:

    im just an ordinary man pursuing extroardanary things …

  23. SecretTrollAccount1 says:

    I still lov your vids on the archeology and societies. You sounded a bit stoned though, are you a hasharem?

  24. thirdworldassassin says:

    what do i look like a fucking freak …

  25. SecretTrollAccount1 says:

    and jesus was gased and set on fire by the lizard people gods. Rite?

  26. SecretTrollAccount1 says:

    How so I thought barack obama hated those white niggers

  27. ifurn0 says:

    The trail leads to the Rockefellers & the Rothschilds.

  28. thirdworldassassin says:

    muslim was made by freemasons … most religions are …

  29. thirdworldassassin says:

    i was once in jail like 10 years ago for a year and the jail preist told me that he beleived if there was what people call an antichrist that this title would be be held by a man with the name ram emmanuelle …. i dont believe in the prophecies of any masonic babylonian religion … but that is just strange isnt it … plus obamas middle name is hussaine which can mean isreal … and rahms middle name is isreal … plus barack obama translates bent hope … or false hope …

  30. thirdworldassassin says:

    obama is scum …

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