Democracy Now Headlines 3/24/10 1 of 2

* Obama Signs Healthcare Bill into Law as Senate Takes Up Revisions * Israel Approves New Settlements as Obama, Netanyahu Hold White House Meeting * Pelosi: Dems, GOP United in Backing Israeli Govt * UK Expels Israeli Diplomat for Passport Forgery in Hamas Killing * Students Rally for Aid Overhaul, DREAM Act * Graham Proposal Would Continue Indefinite Jailing of Terror Suspects * Court Strikes Down Restrictions on Media Ownership * Compensation Czar Cuts Pay 15% at Bailed-Out Firms * US, Mexico Announce New Cooperation in Drug Fight * Panel: Coca-Cola Owes M for Environmental Damage in Indian Village * Salvadoran President to Issue Formal State Apology on 30th Anniversary of Romero Murder

SQA Higher Chemistry Unit 1 part 1 of 2 audio notes

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  1. SchmuelCom says:

    is this the BBC Scotland News woman´╗┐ ?

  2. Mrdesmond91 says:

    Where can i get the rest of these audio notes?!
    where did you get them from? would also love´╗┐ to have ones for biology.
    would really appreciate help!

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