Damon e Caroline – You and Me

music video with caroline and damon the vampire diries, with music you and me – Life House

8 Responses to “Damon e Caroline – You and Me”

  1. TeamStefanBitches says:

    love daroline. <3

  2. paperina96 says:

    Me too! @WildGurl792 🙂

  3. WildGurl792 says:

    If the producers aren’t going to make Elena choose Damon in the end than i hope they will make Damon end up with Caroline!

  4. EmillyFani says:

    =) Beautiful song!

  5. RiverHigurashi says:

    i love this!!!you should make more caroline & damon videos =)

  6. sweetsugar191 says:

    Great vid :) love it:)

  7. sweetjolie25 says:

    love it

  8. fufulinha says:

    Comentem! o que acharam ?

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