Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs Movie Trailer HD

The most delicious event since macaroni met cheese. Inspired by the beloved children’s book, the film focuses on a town where food falls from the sky like rain. Directors: Phil Lord And Chris Miller Anna Faris … Sam Sparks (voice) Neil Patrick Harris … Steve the Monkey Bill Hader … Flint Lockwood (voice) Bruce Campbell … Mayor (voice) Lauren Graham … Fran Lockwood (voice) (unconfirmed) Andy Samberg … Brent (voice) James Caan … (voice) Benjamin Bratt … Manny Bobb’e J. Thompson … Cal Deveraux Mr. T … Earl Devereaux (voice) Will Forte … Joe Towne Laraine Newman Mona Marshall Al Roker … Patrick Patrickson Sherry Lynn Marsha Clark Mickie McGowan

In the old covenant, when people were unable to travel to an appointed place to give their offering, they were told to spend their tithe on barbeque, wine and liquor and throw a big party! Rather than a license for self-indulgence, John Crowder shows us how this odd command in Deuteronomy 14 highlights the “party spirit” of celebration and joy that should encompass all our offerings to the Lord. We should be intoxicated on generosity. Furthermore, we see how Christ is the ultimate sacrifice to God, who became our feast and our enebriating drink!

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  1. sujinwaiba says:

    I usually don’t comment but this I… have to say to all watchers who haven’t seen this cartoon. Go see it. It’s one of the best cartoon’s I ever seen. And believe me, I have seen alot of cartoon’s. Come to “cartoons free us” for it!

  2. januarygurlguzzard92 says:

    Im watching this right now 🙂

  3. banjotenie says:

    @kumaranlala are you serious…? this isnt a freaking love story! its a hilarious comdey! jeez….

  4. Nobienify says:

    My prediction will be: Sunny, side up. A hint of garlic, and maybe a pinch of orange juice. Get your spoons, forks, knives, everything.

  5. Nobienify says:

    I’ve seen the movie. At one point, the cloud of food appears, and everyone in the movie gaspes, and then a man takes off his beard, then a police officer rolls down his window and gasped, and then a “rat-bird” screeches.

  6. richerichful says:

    1:57 Wished that happened to my school :L

  7. n4o2z1 says:

    Well, someone in the writers’ room obviously got the munchies.

  8. bobgrantsbus says:

    Great animation with Mr T!

  9. jenny709a says:

    Yes, freecartoons is having this animation. It has great dimensions, good critics, it is completely over-the-top animation. At times surprising, at some parts so funny, it has elements of drama, comedy and action, great combination acted by the best players. Great choice, if you ask me. Must see!

  10. wanbryn says:

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  11. 4426galib says:

    Very good cartoon…dark and sinister and not wasted by Hollywood sparkle.. see you at…

  12. Lollip0pity says:

    I swear if I was at the school when the pancake fell… I would have sat on the building and would have started noming 8D

  13. aiaariful61 says:

    Exciting parts. Just saw the entire cartoon at

  14. chnomansaeed1 says:

    Lol I saw This On Monday at It Was Awesome!

  15. aiaariful61 says:

    On is the highest speed of streaming!

  16. merokali1 says:

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  17. chnomansaeed1 says:

    Hurry and go to see this in full length just at!

  18. kumaranlala says:

    For all those who loved or love someone and who are loved or were loved, you should see this. This is beautiful love story that will all love..girls and boys, woman and men. Watch this secrets that breaths…. really well-done. It is on, free, so don’t wait any longer!

  19. maskeleela says:

    This is the best cartoon ive ever saw on…full of action and bits of comedy. It’s a MUST SEE cartoon…

  20. MultiTrip23 says:

    I saw it on and it’s a beautiful warm,touching,fun and classic movie of all times.

  21. titodelibero says:

    On nom nom nom nom.. 89

  22. bobgrantsbus says:

    Great family film.

  23. divamama110 says:

    I think kids should see the movie after they read the book. Great animation….. made me hungry lol

  24. smthkhan says:

    The most–how shall we say this– emotional film I have seen in ages on freecartoonsus..Stunning visually

  25. shuminahdingydong says:

    @SonsofThunderPub hi John can you see me im going to snap you be blessed

  26. GruftieJF says:

    I LOVE this Scripture, it gets some evangelicals realy weird 😀

  27. Buckyrhino says:

    Notice that it also ‘do not forget the alien and the orphan and the widow….’

    Or as Jesus said, “The poor you have with you always, you can give to them whenever you want.”, not just when the Lord puts it on your heart.
    And please, please. please DO NOT ever think you must tithe or the Lord will be mad at you….. That puts you back under the law and Jesus said clearly being under one part of the law puts you back under the whole law. You don’t want that do you? Grace, baby!

  28. TheWineCellarCo says:

    Hey John. Im just seeing this vid. Happy B-day by the way. Glad you liked the gift. Blessings

  29. tobiaslarsgunnar says:

    Blessings on your courage of ‘transmuting’ and trans-form-ing the old structures and dissolving old religion patterns into new ‘liquid’, new manna of real Light-Love.

  30. paulplsnt says:

    l’chaim! … to life! :)

  31. mythicalhell says:


  32. geiroffenberg says:

    @thoughtengine3 you right. This tithe was just one of the tithes they paid. There was a couple more they were bound to in the law of Moses, and if they didnt they were stealing from Gods money, since according to the convenant they had agreed that it belonged to him. We’re not in that covenant, never been there and never will. NT giving is like freewill love giving like they did when they buildt the taberncale. Moses had to stop them because he got to much. A much better way.

  33. berserker213 says:

    dig the collar. is it going in the conference line-up along with the monk robe?

  34. davidbrucemusicvideo says:

    Love this! I’ve taught this before because l’m reading an awesome book on why the tithe isn’t for the Christian, but giving is. It has something about this in there.
    Music distracted me big time, tho. Needs to be mixed softer. 🙁

  35. SonsofThunderPub says:

    This is specifically a passage for when a person was unable to make the journey to the appropriate place of sacrifice. They couldn’t donate by credit card in those days! 🙂 As I said, it’s not an excuse to get out of tithing, but rather speaks of the joy we should have in giving! God’s looking for radical, drunken, laid-down, extravagant givers who believe that the limitless Mr. Abundance lives in their bellies!

  36. EternalTruth777 says:

    What Song was that near the end. 

  37. thoughtengine3 says:

    Thanks for the word, father John! I wonder why they would say to take your tithe and throw a party with it instead… when they said, “don’t forget the Levite”, did they mean “invite him to the festivities, since you’re not giving him normal tithe”? It’s all very interesting. I try to tithe, but sometimes wonder if you should just do what the Lord leads you to (which is often more generous than 10% anyway).

  38. pyro4lif says:

    Awesome teaching! Glory to God John keep on doing the Fathers will its so important!

    i pray extream blessings in the jungle such goodness in God!!!

  39. ar000079 says:

    Omygodka! I Love this! Lotta Glory on the catholics and the priest hooooood

  40. radicallyaltered says:

    hey John – great job on the end man, those maps were tight haha. : )

  41. geiroffenberg says:

    you mean the tithe is a foreshadow of the gospel? Oh no, now you’ve done it!

  42. tkfanz says:

    Love the cossie mate !

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