Chuck Woolery On Taxing The Rich

Chuck Woolery’s take on taxing the rich.

Thom discusses Warren Buffett’s article in The New York Times suggesting America’s extremely rich population to pay their fair share of taxes with the middle class. Later in the show he debates the issue of “Corporate Personhood” with Andrew Langer.

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  1. 1RealityBroadcasting says:

    In the old days, you know how you got to the top?
    By being better than the guy ahead of you.
    And how do you people get to the top?
    By being so fucking incompetent, the guy ahead of you can’t do his job.
    So he falls on his ass, and, congratulations, you are now on top.
    And now the top is down here, when it used to be up here and you don’t even know
    the difference.

  2. RealTime88 says:

    @ToplessBartender I’ve got a better idea: create charities!!!!

  3. torchwoody58 says:

    Not calling what we’re going through what it is doesn’t change the fact that this is a depression. It’s a government manufactured depression. Change the government and we can get out of this mess. Hope doesn’t do anything but wait for change.

  4. joepeeler34 says:

    @LucidDreamz613 “Normalize?” The government doesn’t have a revenue problem. It has a spending problem. The productive sector of the economy is the host and the government is the parasite. It wants more taxes to sate the interest factions feeding at the trough. The productive economy has less means and incentive to creat new wealth.

    We are in a depression now. The government’s GDP number is nonsense. It’s mostly spending financed by debt, and the inflation deflator in the GDP is inaccurate.

  5. joepeeler34 says:

    @LucidDreamz613 I didn’t just refer to the tech sector. Techonology gains have happened in many areas, agricultulture for instance.

    Why is savings so low? The Federal Reserve keeps interest rates artificially low to create credit bubbles, paper over government and finance sector debt (Fed serves big banks), and allow the government to borrow at artificially low rates.

    People are discouraged from savings because interest on savings is lower than the dollar debasement rate.

  6. LucidDreamz613 says:

    @joepeeler34 Not sure why you would use Tech as an example. Tech has made huge progress consistently for the last 30 years. I do agree with you about debt. The average savings rate was actually negative for a while. The thing is, our country is in so deep at this point, the only way to normalize this is increased taxes and facing an inevitable recession. Right now we are delaying the inevitable and digging the hole deeper. The government needs to cash to start working its way out.

  7. joepeeler34 says:

    @LucidDreamz613 There have been a lot of technology gains due to what was left of a once free market. The disease has gotten progressively worse.

    It must be understood that at the beginning of the 19th century our ancestors lived at a subsistence level. A 100-years later they were the richest in the world per capital. They didn’t have much debt and no income or payroll taxes.

    Look at us now. We are living off debt. Wealth and capital are being dissipated. Your ideas are failing.

  8. joepeeler34 says:

    @LucidDreamz613 The federal income tax is only 40% of government revenue. I suspect that most Americans aren’t aware of this.

    I don’t want the government to replace this revenue. I want to shrink it dramatically. I was reading a plan by Gary Johnson to reduce military spending by 43%. It entrail ending all wars, closing bases, ending foreign-aid, among other measures.

    I would also eliminate all corporate welfare. I would cut off all well-off seniors from S.S. and Medicare. That’s a start

  9. LucidDreamz613 says:

    @joepeeler34 Okay…no federal income tax…so where exactly is the federal government supposed to generate income? How do you supposed we fund necessary federal organizations? Yes, we have managed trade. There’s a reason for that.

  10. LucidDreamz613 says:

    @joepeeler34 Yes, my ideas fail because you think practices that worked over 100 years ago will work now. Maybe you’d like to compare the average standard of living today to the standard of living 100 years ago. You seem to have some trouble realizing that the farther you get away from a society of hunters and gatherers, the harder it is to have a free market. The more advanced a civilization is, the more difficult/impossible free trade becomes.

  11. joepeeler34 says:

    Further, a truly free market creates far more wealth for everyone. The temporarily indigent or chroncically poor can depend on a voluntary welfare society. That’s how our ancestors did it. This voluntary organization was composed of mutual-aid socieites, churches, family, neigbors, cooperatives, fraternal organizations, etc.

    We didnt’ quite have a laissez-faire system in the 19th century/early 20th century, but it was close. That’s when man went the furthest the fastest.

    Your ideas fail.

  12. joepeeler34 says:

    @LucidDreamz613 You need to learn to read a little more carefully. Our ancestors didn’t have a federal income tax. I was talking about the income tax. It was clear from my posts. You twist that into meaning all taxes.

    The federal income tax was supposed to only effect only a few thousand people in the country. That’s how it was originally sold. Now, look at it.

    We don’t have free trade. We have managed trade. NAFTA is 20,000 pages. What do you think is in there.

  13. LucidDreamz613 says:

    @margiemp Another person who is blissfully unaware of the economic state of our country.

  14. LucidDreamz613 says:

    @joepeeler34 Which ancestors are you referring to? Virtually every civilized culture has had taxes for thousands of years. Only economic egalitarian societies functioned without taxes and that only works for small scale hunter/gatherer communities. Free trade is also great…in theory. In practice, not only is there no way to get every country to participate in global free trade but also free markets simply don’t work unless you are going to go all the way and let people starve and die.

  15. margiemp says:

    yea ,do you 777atheist? i speak english very well. thanks for being concerned about me.

  16. 777Atheist says:

    @margiemp English, do you speak it ?

  17. ToplessBartender says:

    He is right. If you think you are not taxed enough send the government a check. I have always like Chuck Woolery and Pat Sajak, they are the best game show hosts and clearly the smartest.

  18. freesk8 says:

    Buffet is so disingenuous. He advocates raising his own taxes, but this video points out that that is not what he wants. He can send more of his own money to the govt any time he pleases. What he really wants is to FORCE other rich people to pay more to the govt. He wants to use the power of the state to take money from other people for purposes they do not advocate, but he does. He wants the govt to steal on his behalf. Buffet is a genius investor, but an immoral loser.

  19. joepeeler34 says:

    @LucidDreamz613 Too funny! Why do we have to have a flat tax or an income tax? Our ancestors did just fine without either. What we need to do is eliminate about 75% of what the federal government is doing.

    There was a welfare society composed of mutual-aid societies, charities, churches, nieghbors, cooperatives, etc. No force was used

    If we had a free market and the efficientcy and choice that it creates, far fewer people would be dependent.

    You are the one who doens’t care about people

  20. margiemp says:

    no one is going to go homeless because somebody else is rich.anyone who believes that is ridiculous. we all have the same oppurtunities in this country.unless the left gets their way. then none of us will. i do not want to be enslaved to the government. i want me, my kids ,and eventually my grandkids all to have the same oppurtunities that i did.i am not rich, but through hard work, im not poor either.i rthink we all need to start appreciating the country in which we live.god bless america!!

  21. LucidDreamz613 says:

    @LambdaKore lol, How exactly does a flat tax eliminate jobs for analysts? What sector of “financial experts” would be affected by a flat tax? You don’t even understand the difference between an accountant and an analyst. Once again, you know nothing. Go get an education.

  22. LambdaKore says:

    @LucidDreamz613 Ah, I forgot one very important point: a flat tax would mean a much smaller need for “financial experts” like you, perhaps even an elimination of certain sectors of “financial experts” altogether. You talk like you’re an investor — you wouldn’t simply be a glorified accountant, by any chance? A C.P.A., or something like that? Kind of like the team’s towel boy telling someone who doesn’t know him that he’s actually the quarterback? Hmm. Very interesting…

  23. LucidDreamz613 says:

    @LambdaKore Yeah, because thats so easy with the unemployment rate over 9% and underemployment rate over 20%. BTW, corporations most people in this country work for small businesses or corporations, not for the rich. Taking money from the rich does absolutely nothing to present job growth if corporations are exempt. “HOW ARE DATA FORMED?” Go get an education.

  24. LucidDreamz613 says:

    @LambdaKore Okay, point me to the chart. Oh wait..those don’t exist because my charts are based on historical data and yours are speculative so there is no hard data. “HOW ARE DATA FORMED?” Go get an education.

  25. LambdaKore says:

    @LucidDreamz613 “And you want those adults to go homeless and starve” Interesting — you actually believe someone would choose starvation and homelessness over getting off their ass and working a job. What a wonderful opinion of people you have.

  26. falcondriver100 says:

    Yeah, and right before this old fraud said it, he hid nearly a Billion of HIS OWN dollars in a tax free fund owned by Bill Gates!! Hypocrite bastard!

    Typical dishonest, full of shit liberal.

    If he REALLY felt this way, why didn’t he write checks every year of his rich life to the Gov’t?

  27. onstageagain says:

    f U haven’t heard it , U should …
    We contend that for a nation to tax itself into prosperity is like a man standing in a bucket and trying to lift himself up by the handle. Politicians love visible beneficiaries & invisible victims !
    There is no such thing as a good tax. Politicians are leaches, mostly !

    Three groups spend other people’s money: children, thieves, politicians. All three need supervision.

  28. truthout911 says:

    @wateryDOOL I forgot, Obamanoid.

  29. truthout911 says:

    @wateryFOOL How is that Hope and Change working for yah? LOLOLOL

  30. truevoice08 says:

    @defyg3 “work and one of the largest investment banks in the world.” Frankly you look like a welfare bum in your profile photo but enlighten me anyway. What goes on internally in the investment banks? I know your bluffing.

  31. megagagnon1 says:

    @wateryskipper even if that were true, what’s the alternative?

  32. wateryskipper says:

    @megagagnon1 rand is nowhere like is father. rand advocates for corporations stating that the corporations are creating jobs. the teabaggers are a bunch of idiots.

  33. megagagnon1 says:

    @wateryskipper And your proof of that is… oh wait you have no proof.

  34. wateryskipper says:

    @megagagnon1 paul is bought by corporations

  35. wateryskipper says:

    @truthout911 LOL

  36. wateryskipper says:

    @eggory LOL

  37. eggory says:

    @wateryskipper I’ve read the book. It does not say anything like that anywhere. Look up Fransisco’s money speech here on youtube, that is what she says about inheritance, among other things.

  38. defyg3 says:

    Fractional reserve banking? Thats what you are blaming as the problems we are facing? Your more delusional than I thought. I know what that is and its not really the issue we are talking about. In fact, its not even relevant to the conversation.

    No, I am going to focus my hostility on the guys who busted our economy and continue to do it. And for the record, I work and one of the largest investment banks in the world. So I think I know a thing or two about what goes on internally

  39. truthout911 says:

    @waterFOOL Nice try, giving us someone else’s history but the truth is that you are a two faced ProgressaCunt standing on a soap box lecturing to everyone about what you are owed. Im not on a soapbox, so what I do or dont get is none of your business! Start giving to your community and stop lecturing others, maybe someone might listen to you, until then STFU, fake Liberal

  40. wateryskipper says:

    @truthout911 LOL you do not even know me. I work voluntarily over at the Sloane Kettering which treats cancer patients, working towards my license in acupuncture. planning to work with acupuncturist without borders that treat people in haiti that are victims of the earthquake that occurred in 2010. I am not on my soapbox. but don’t assume anything on anybody you do not know who you are talking to. are you collecting social security??

  41. truthout911 says:

    @wateryFOOL Tell us how that Hope and Change is working for yah! LOLOLOL. You are also a ProgressaCunt who is made at Obama becasue he didnt turn out to be the liberal that you thought he was and that Thom sold you on the fact that you could push your agenda on him. At the end of the day you will vote for Obama,, because ProgressaCunts like you have no where to go, and of course Thom will do his fear mongering bit about the supreme court.

  42. truthout911 says:

    @wateryFOOL You are a ProgressaCunt who thinks he is better than anyone else because of your ideology. You stand up on a sanctimonious soap box preaching to everyone about not giving to the poor, but then you do nothing yourself to improve your community or help to uplift someone. Also you think the world owes you something because you are here. i believe in calling a spade a spade. The truth is a hard pill to swallow and you are living proof of that. Oh and you will vote for Obama again.

  43. wateryskipper says:

    @truthout911 you try to prove your point by insulting and calling people names. I do not support obama. and calling people a#@holes does not help. I am a progessive that believes in equality of all human beings.

  44. Kingdoc1976 says:

    I would call your area taking a 75% hit unequal yea.

  45. Kingdoc1976 says:

    America is finshed! enjoy your decent into 3rd world status & having to pay to see your congress.

  46. Qillz says:

    As long as the congress remains a wholey owned subsidiary of corporate interests and Rupret Mudroch maintains power over media in the country the inequality will persist as the status quo.

    The repubs are shills and the dems are appeasers and both are bought. We need a political paradigm shift.

  47. dontblockmedk says:

    @truevoice08 Yes watch v=ozy52bZ6JTw where PJ explains most of SM’s logical fallacies.

    Then watch v=hxjwBZjADiM were SM actually admits to agreeing with 90% of what RBE stands for but like a rabid religionist he just can’t give up his god, the non existent, impossible ‘free market’.

    SM and PJ have the same ultimate goal of freedom and prosperity for everyone, but PJ understands that the market and money systems are the MAIN hindrance to that. NO MIDDLEMEN NEEDED. Think about it.

  48. truevoice08 says:

    @TheSystemofControl You damn right. Thom is such a media whore. He’s the Bill Oreilly of the Left.

  49. truevoice08 says:

    @dontblockmedk Stefan Molyneux has debated Peter Joseph on this. You might want to watch that and decide for yourself.

  50. truevoice08 says:

    @defyg3 The fact that somebody is rich is not a bad thing. It’s how they got rich. Fractional reserve banking (banksterism) and rent-seeking are criminal ways to get rich. Focus your hostility on that, not on the fact that someone is rich. Of course you have to understand what those terms mean first, which is where the Leftists keep quiet.

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