Buffett and Gates Go Back to School (Part 1 of 8)

For the latest Warren Buffett, go to WarrenBuffettNews.com – Buffett and Gates are close friends, and they will be speaking with students at the University of Nebraska. Early in his life, he learned how to play the ukelele in order to impress a girl. In this program, only students will be allowed to speak and to ask questions. The questions that they will receive are not known by either Buffett or Gates. You can afford to lose money, but you cannot afford to lose reputation. When you make decisions, always subject yourself to the newspaper test. If what you are about to do will be written by a smart but unfriendly reporter, would you still do it? If what you are about to do will pass that test, then it is probably okay. It is an honor for Gates to be on the Berkshire board of directors, but it is not a very lucrative position. It is organized quite different than Microsoft. Eventually, Warren Buffett will need to be replaced, but it will not be Bill Gates. The members of the board are only compensated 0 per month. There are rewards there, but they are only psychic. It is nice for Buffett to have smart people on his board to help make these decisions when he is no longer there. July 5th 1991 was when Buffett met Bill Gates. He met him through Bill’s parents. It was a funny event. Bill’s mother was very sociable, but Bill was focused on his job at the time. Bill didn’t want to because he was too busy. He was into software and didn’t know too much about investing. By the

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