Breaking Benjamin – Medicate (With Lyrics)

Learn How To Make 0/Day at Song Medicate Band: Breaking Benjamin Album: Saturate Creator: Power This video is brought to you by Graham – Webmaster of The Popular Website I noticed that you wanted this version so here you go

Do you see the world through the eyes of a dreamer? The visual essays of two people with opposite ideas. Created for the University of Southern California’s School of Cinematic Arts admission process. Visual sample. Benjamin R. Bahner. -Best secondary independent short in the VIC awards -Selection for the LA Latino International Film Festival -Selection for the Tower of You Film Festival Sacramento Concept: Ben Bahner Directed by: Ben Bahner Written by: Ben Bahner Cast: Girl · Ciana Graham Boy · Kevin Somoza Camera: Ben Bahner Edited by: Ben Bahner Filmed with Canon EOS 7D Edited with Apple Final Cut Pro Special thanks to: Mario Castro Coty Tucker © 2010 Ben Bahner Music – © 2009 XL Recordings © 2009 Jagjagwar NO COPYING WITHOUT PERMISSION

36 Responses to “Breaking Benjamin – Medicate (With Lyrics)”

  1. charron666 says:

    I go kill 23 person and i know you will cover me

  2. JadeLaNeasha says:

    if its breaking benjamin its amazing !!! end of story !

  3. DistileryHD says:

    It’s make ‘haste’ not ‘hate’.

  4. Goldsamurei says:

    HOLY SHIT! I listened to the intro and I added it to my favorites straight away! I havent even listened to the rest of the song! It soudns gud tho!

  5. yusefshahid says:

    @ExtremeEnigmaLife88 WE GET LAID!!!!!!!

  6. UnholyDemon13 says:

    so damn epic….

  7. JCC1004 says:

    I agree, I prefer this version though. The vocals are better in my opinion.

  8. TheAdeptRogue360 says:

    This version sounds different. I like it still, but is this a demo?

  9. KirbysMarshmallow says:

    @heavenlywolf151 yeah but this sounds AMAZING

  10. 1342benecry says:

    @Avzzor you been listening to a little too much justin bieber?….if you think their new stuff is bad…then you disgrace all breaking benjamin fans…if you dont like their new material, dont fuckin’ listen to it…and i know it’s 9 months later since anyone has said anything, but i just needed to say Breaking benjamin is awsome

  11. MyLalaland99 says:

    @SkippyLegit FAIL

  12. heavenlywolf151 says:

    i mean hear

  13. heavenlywolf151 says:

    kk i just usualy here a different recording.

  14. TheNewMalone says:

    @TheHockeylover117 That’s not necessarily true, But Dear Agony is my absolute favorite song in the world right now.

  15. leklekleker says:

    @heavenlywolf151 actually(probelly speld wrong <---- and that too) it is this is the demo of medicate

  16. Alicesux13 says:

    I like to be tied up and medicated!

  17. heavenlywolf151 says:

    lol this isn’t the original recording

  18. lightningsrikeifyer says:

    you got the second the second verse wrong

  19. ExtremeEnigmaLife88 says:

    GET LAID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. wazupwolf says:

    @ilovesasukeandleto becuz with lyrics videos u avoid live videos, covers, and instrumentals. so you just get the actual song

  21. SkippyLegit says:

    Thumbs of if you watched this video to see if it really says “We Get Laid” lol :0

  22. luukrawks says:

    I don´t know why but the parts before and during when he says “I know you will cover me” reminds me of Nirvana so much.

  23. lambrari1 says:

    We get laid!!!

  24. ChingChongZhong says:

    @Nanodae he never said 512 DID get laid

  25. dbzmania123 says:

    @Nanodae Sorry ;P

  26. RedLoveBrown says:

    This is really amazing stuff. I’m going to take a wild guess here and say that it wasn’t narrative. It didn’t tell a story, it was an argument. However, wonderful production value!

  27. Brbahner says:

    @coocooforcocopuffs27 No, i ended up getting rejected. No hard feelings though. The application process forced me to create a film i probably would of never thought of, and its getting some good attention. Thank you by the way for your comment, Im glad you enjoyed it.

  28. coocooforcocopuffs27 says:

    I guess it’s appropriate to ask now…so, did you get in? Really enjoyed this.

  29. Brbahner says:

    @BoneDaddyProductions I don’t find out until as late as next month, but i hope so. I wish i could at least hear USC’s thoughts on the film.

  30. BoneDaddyProductions says:

    Did you get in???

  31. TaberuChan says:

    This was excellent! Best of luck to you in your entry into USC. 😀

  32. leorabk says:

    this was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!!

  33. miscNathalie says:

    AMAZING. :]

  34. craiguspa says:

    really good

  35. usperformingarts says:

    Wow! Wow! This is an amazing, amazing video.

  36. bloblob says:

    ben, this is fricken amazing. best of luck to you in getting in usc!

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