**(BRAND NEW)**Kanye West, Lupe Fiasco, Kid Cudi, & Drake *February* 2012

Brand NEW!! DJ Benny MIX Kanye Lupe Kid Cudi Drake

**im hittin you with soul-stop drop and roll and back it up a little some-stop drop and roll my mans got the digital so do it like i told stop drop and roll, stop drop and roll back it up feel loose let your hips swing low you flipping and flopping and rocking to the dance floor show flow pro not slow like a mediocore joe amp turned past ten let your speaker watt blow (and pay when i play cause i never stay broke) so come lets ride focus on the other side, focus on the focus now focus up on the other side tell me about the other side, tell me bout now tell me bout tell me about the other side HO HO its givin me that super high HO HO its givin me that super high WHAT?! hey-yo exactly how I said it i got the mind cleanser for your brain you embed it forget it then i’ll shred it in little pieces I feed it to you while you chew on that abstract food HOOK 2 HOOK 1 You really ready for this heavy load its here for you lift, just like the holy phrophits journey when he fleed to egypt its one mission from my microphone i’ll let it transmit straight from my lips shaft grib to the tip demons in your brain so sick like 666 thats where depression sit and where the fire stays lit hot burn skipping your turn you’ll never learn gotta see past concern eight fold path your earn HOOK 1** RAW FOODS MIXTAPE 2008-2010 Ben-Kress

26 Responses to “**(BRAND NEW)**Kanye West, Lupe Fiasco, Kid Cudi, & Drake *February* 2012”

  1. CaterTheHater says:

    OMG, say you remixed it in the title, i got excited =[

  2. Born4gain says:

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  3. rossman123ful says:

    this song is surprisingly good, cudi’s part sounds kinda off a bit thou compared to kanye, lupe and drakes part for some reason, maybe its just me… still a sick track, def worth downloading.

  4. Lyricy16 says:

    our generations most innovative all in one spot Nice!

  5. LilJoeStationtv2 says:

    2 people are just Rock trolls that hate rap

  6. xXSLIMXx1 says:

    sry but naw, idk how…but you can download any youtube video’s audio if you download ” youtube to mp3 converter ” just type that in on google

  7. supdv12 says:

    do u have a mp3 download for this?

  8. th3c000n16 says:

    sad man

  9. th3c000n16 says:

    sad, man

  10. lilchris1238 says:

    omg this song is soo good everyone has to listen to it

  11. lilchris1238 says:

    omg this song is soo good everyone has to listen to it

  12. baller4life2424 says:

    dude this song is sick i love it dalopez100 add me

  13. latinstuff1 says:

    plz somebody take drake off this song ..

  14. JoKeRTechz says:

    guitar= kryptonite

  15. winters1015 says:

    the drake part doesnt really fit but beside that this is soo sick

  16. xXSLIMXx1 says:

    its from “ that tree ” kid cudi and snoop dogg

  17. comandermatt7 says:

    Ohh and what is the kid cudi part from??????

  18. comandermatt7 says:

    OMG I cant believe it the dream team of HipHop/Rap best trio in one song and who cares about drake lol jk but sick edit/smash up or whatever

  19. rachellovesnewyork says:

    Mr. Rager tears this up<3

  20. gopeeps5 says:


  21. willworkforkickz1111 says:

    Yo upload this to mediafire i download this good mash up man

  22. PowderHeight says:

    Good mash up, but real hip-hop heads (such as myself) knew damn well that you made it

  23. EllenB95 says:

    this is amazing!

  24. xXSLIMXx1 says:

    haha thanks…it dosnt really have a name cause i made it, i sampled the guitar from – kryptonite by 3 doors down then i made the drums, and used lyrics tht r already in other songs, glad u like it

  25. Dalopez100 says:

    This song Is Da ShIt
    Whats it called?
    I jizzed my pants when I heard the beat no imagine what I did when I Heard the lyrics

  26. shieldstg says:

    really bad when you have wrinkled sweat pants. never thought that was possible.

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