Benny Hinn – Israel Have To Defeat His Enemies

Benny Hinn about the next major events in Israel and another great movement of God. Fire Conference in Kampala, Uganda (June 6, 2009)

A husband organises a surprise for his wife: her funeral

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  1. LukaksPInc says:

    AMEN, Awesome…

  2. evaristo201011 says:

    benny hinn,dantel gebel are the best

  3. naqash79 says:

    keep on preaching sir. God bless u.

  4. darryljmorg says:

    Awesome teaching…

  5. mygembul says:

    Great revelation!

  6. johngunasekara says:

    He is a fantastic teacher,and thats a two words about it. well done pastor and keep it up..I bless you for more and more

  7. binsurobinson says:

    @kohtingwee and @pmscholl – It cant be helped !! when God uses a man mightily , we glorify the father seeing his good works !! No Offense meant to either and remember – “Let not the man of God Strive , but be gentle “

  8. kohtingwee says:

    Not Benny Hinn is awesome
    Is god awesome…
    because god use him for the ministries

  9. memast5 says:

    bless you for posting this

  10. 2kiki2kiki says:


  11. pmscholl says:

    Benny Hinn is awesome

  12. heatherxxx124 says:

    @ultamatefrogmaster i know right ! 🙁

  13. ultamatefrogmaster says:

    Why are the gorgeous ones always double my age!?!?!?! >X(

  14. SapientiumVoces says:

    I’d make sure Ben Willbond was happy ALL day, EVERY day ;-D I’d make sure he got everything he needed haha
    Hell, I’d even die for a chance at it lol

  15. SuperGingernutz says:

    @stupidintellect90 Oooh, I’m sooo glad you find Ben’s nose cute… so do I! Imagine being a maori rubbing his nose… mmm!
    Yes, that woman is a Garibaldi eater and no mistake. She’s so cold you could use her to freeze your fish fingers! As for those raisins and crumbs in the bed… they get sticky in those awkward-to-reach places, if you know what I mean. Unromantic! He wouldn’t know whether a gerbil has been let loose or what. Time we gave him some TLC, eh 😉 ?

  16. stupidintellect90 says:

    @SuperGingernutz *giggles* how about your hot water bottle and my blanket? I’m pretty sure he’ll fall for us as soon as he sees how tea-devoted we are!….Also, I bet that woman eats Garibaldis! Why else would he be planning her funeral, she obviously eats them in bed, making it all crumby, dropping raisins every once in a while, irritating the hell out of our Mr.Willbond. His nose is the cutest, isn’t it?

  17. SuperGingernutz says:

    @stupidintellect90 Yeah, he does actually … and that woman CAN’T. MAKE .TEA!!!!!!

    Useless excuse for a missus!

  18. SuperGingernutz says:

    @stupidintellect90 Oooohh, Ben Willbond’s opening scene as a hot water bottle… but not OUR hot water bottle! 🙁 We’ll go halves-sies, eh?

  19. RiverW70 says:

    thats right ben, get rid of her so you can be with me 😉

  20. RiverW70 says:

    <3 ben willbond! <3

  21. 29Therainbow says:

    Ben willbond is amazing and hot he is the package I love him

  22. stupidintellect90 says:

    Come on girls, doesn’t Ben look like Gene Kelly?

  23. sweetlikechoc1974 says:

    this video i first saw on the vimeo site and its not fun to watch without the sound and especially when you are in the library, time after time i wish i had a laptop/netbook of my own so i can look at all my other videos with the sound on and maybe i would get to enjoy them more.

  24. CherryGarrard says:

    Ben Willbond is fit as flip

  25. RatherFrilly says:

    Ben Willbond is a ridiculously talented, and a beautiful man <3

  26. JenRageify says:

    @ficklefiend My sentiments exactly!

  27. ficklefiend says:

    Oomph, bathrobe.

  28. stupidintellect90 says:

    who would want to kill Ben :(

  29. clramalhao says:

    I love Miranda Raison! And a great film as well 😉

  30. CheekyGenie says:

    Whatever the storyline is he’s not very secretive is he? If you would get someone to assassin your wife you wouldn’t do it in the house, while she’s there right?

  31. gentlebrit says:

    mmm ben is lush, hes just fab in horrible histories and im learning about the past too at the same time 😛

  32. staceyjizzaine says:

    He is such a nice looking guy! Love a man with lots of moles 🙂

  33. staceyjizzaine says:

    @GeorgieWardxXx I agree! I watch that show just for him <3

  34. GeorgieWardxXx says:

    ben willbond is soo fit i love himmm 😀
    he is amazing in horrible histories

  35. ebony90000 says:


    oh yeah that makes sense now thx : )

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