BenJi – Headlines

I DO NOT OWN THE RIGHTS OF THIS SONG!!! Covered by me BenJi ­čśë Commentate if you are nice xD

covering a Fernando Ortega classic. i love the lyrics! hope you’re all blessed!

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  1. Kosmoul says:


  2. fanofcanucks says:

    great. GOD IS AWESOME.
    Coca-cola is´╗┐ good too ­čÖé

  3. kunfucanine says:

    Praise God! This is´╗┐ a very strong song and you did a great job. Do you or anyone know the chords/arrangement that you did? The chords I found are a bit to complicated with a bunch of sharps and weird chords….Thanks

  4. 1Kingdomvoice says:

    Nice. I just did a cover of this song´╗┐ myself. I love your version.

  5. lifeisgoodenjoydaryd says:

    I’m singing´╗┐ this song at church this Sunday for my first solo ever. I looked at just a bout all of the other solo’s of this song on youtube and I dig yours the best bro. You have that soft , from the heart style and I just wanted to say thanks and god bless. I might throw my solo on the tube after im done. Keep on playin!!!!!!

  6. JohnF30Music says:

    great´╗┐ job!! keep it up!

  7. GIMMEWHATS says:

    Keep it up´╗┐ son, you do the song justice, you sing it with heart.Loved listening to it!

  8. ViolentServant says:

    i love´╗┐ this song. you did a great job.

    god bless.

  9. xdeborah82x says:

    this is one of my favorite´╗┐ songs! ­čÖé

  10. xibjou says:

    Thanks brother!
    Soli Deo Gloria´╗┐

  11. FrenchVanilla32 says:

    Great job, and God be with´╗┐ you! ­čÖé

  12. pettybilt says:

    this is great can you post the chords?´╗┐

  13. avadenny says:

    Great stuff´╗┐ man!

  14. avadenny says:

    Neat! One of my´╗┐ favourite songs..and i’m blessed. Cheers my brother.

  15. cwnelson88 says:

    Thank´╗┐ you. God bless

  16. ashleymmanning says:

    Simply beautiful and´╗┐ real. This blessed me, and its feels good to know there are people in all parts on the world that love the Lord this much. ­čÖé

  17. caroandrea27 says:

    hola!! me gusta esa cancion!!
    ke estes´╗┐ muy bien!!
    God Bless You

  18. chafish says:

    Can you feel Jesus now? I can. You should put this video in GodTube also, man.

    Whoever plays and sings for God it will deliver´╗┐ His world to those who can’t find Him. Let’s make their way, brother!

  19. kittygram51 says:

    Pure, sincere & beautiful. Thank you,´╗┐ that was a blessing

  20. shealynprincess says:


  21. zzzmath says:

    you sing and play well!!!´╗┐ major props!!

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