Benjamin West — The Zone (Official Music Video)

The Zone was filmed by Purple Films and is the first of many new releases from Rap Artist Ben West. The video has crazy visuals and the song was recorded at Hey Now! Studios with All Day Recess. Twitter: Facebook:

2009 Miami Hurricanes Big Plays. Jacory Harris passes over the middle to Jimmy Graham for a 14 yard touchdown. I would like to give thanks to Rusty98UM11 for the video clips. Hope you enjoy!

23 Responses to “Benjamin West — The Zone (Official Music Video)”

  1. TheXBreathlessX says:

    gay as fuck, no offense ginger

  2. oac294 says:

    you faded doe sahn? shout outs to my nigga tarrik for puttin me on to this!

  3. thickness2791 says:

    2 of my friends are in this…bad ass

  4. drewpsack64 says:

    Killing it! Ben west!

  5. Thefutureisbleak says:

    Ben is amazing check his other songs under the name Benjamin west

  6. sharpkitty300 says:

    @area51ville drake was before him… so drake doesnt try to sound like him, but he’s got a unique style – better than drakes, but dont hate on drake with that. this is good shit and sick video

  7. ImSoCluTch101 says:

    lets gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that was amazinggggggggg

  8. area51ville says:

    fuck drake and everyone who try and sounds like him

  9. xxaydaydayxx says:

    ovoxo stand up.

  10. xxaydaydayxx says:

    where tf did he come from? this was DOPE!

  11. sahlanisweets says:

    1 person was beat as a child…

  12. TheoHKrazy says:

    ohio >

  13. ROBandLITTLE says:


  14. MrPerfection426 says:

    damn dude that was good as hell

  15. Murdastang says:

    Jimmy Graham – Who´╗┐ Gon Stop Me”

  16. Seanoob says:

    Jimmy’s been a Saints fan his entire life, and he already knew Shockey before he was drafted. Love this pick, he has worlds of potential.

    Two Dat!!

  17. HoboChronical says:

    Chiefs, Phins, and Bolts can look elseware, HES A SAINT!!! BLACK AND GOLD!!

    WHO DAT!!!!!

  18. SaintsTheMetal says:

    WHO DAT!

  19. 504hustler1 says:

    Who Dat !!!

  20. papucho44 says:

    6’8″ 260 lbs.

  21. gabepickle says:

    Come to the CHiefs baby!!! We need a TE. Dude has speed and he is huge. 6’6″ 260 lbs.

  22. shago1594 says:

    Come to Miami and be our starter u r the future jason witten or tony gonzalez

  23. chargerman222 says:

    C’mon man , go to San Diego in the 3rd round! (Backup Gates 1st). Two tight end sets in the goal line would be killer for the BOLTS!!!

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