Benjamin Graham The Intelligent Investor 3 of 24

Benjamin Graham – The Intelligent Investor

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  1. DrGartley says:

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  2. skaha65 says:

    Agree but don’t make it the total focus of your life. IT can end up owning you. Think of how a snowball gathers mass as it rolls along:= Exp growth of a stock

  3. 49fiori says:

    still the same, keep reading

  4. BlkbeemerE46 says:

    you commented this a year ago i just bought the book so what do you think today a year later 🙂

  5. foster2367 says:

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  6. boipinoi604 says:

    I hope no one is buying any gov’t bonds.. with the US in the verge of insolvency.. I can see why though that he likes bonds.. The US then was the biggest creditor.. Today, the US is now the biggest debtor… Sitting on $14t debt…

  7. emoweixian says:

    do u happen to work in this industry? I happen to think it’s a pretty awesome lifestyle/career

  8. 49fiori says:

    Read this book and than read 1000 annual reports and read every day, all the time, and start investing and keep reading, and you will make money, and the moment you will make money with nice returns people with money will want to invest with you because you have a track record that is excellent, and than you will invest more money and you will keep on reading, reading and just reading, and in many years from now you will be a billionaire. You must however, LOVE THIS, this is a lifestyle.

  9. stefgustavsson says:

    I love this tape. Listen to this 10 times and you will be very successfull in investing…

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