BenJamin Friant in LONDON MGP EUROPE


25 Responses to “BenJamin Friant in LONDON MGP EUROPE”

  1. MrKevin715 says:

    Nice! I have this snowman soory for the bad englisch i am german

  2. NERFLITRALY says:

    what skate parks are they

  3. ePztyl3 says:

    1:25 almost lens hit

  4. BlankCreationScooter says:

    @44benda too bad you have wide bars and suck

  5. TheMoibenj says:

    bravo bravo!!!!!

  6. lundrims says:

    tu assure trop benjamin vient une fois avec gil guillaume a cheseaux ?????!!!!

  7. TheIIstalkerII says:

    1:22 i howled hahahahahha

  8. gsp1175 says:

    @44benda No…what are you talking about?

  9. HIKIDI says:

    sick as

  10. PeterVanVoorhis says:

    lol. i have that dancing snowman.

  11. 44benda says:

    does anyone agree with me that small bars reck good riding in edits?

  12. FcSteezey says:

    @scooterskatebx I meant maddgearscooters channel just go to it and it plays without copyright thing

  13. scooterskatebx says:

    @FcSteezey witch channel ??

  14. lukeakascooter says:

    still sick even thou youtube is shitt and gay

  15. FcSteezey says:

    go to his channel to watch with audio!

  16. pogonational says:

    no audion argggggg

  17. mrblibrules says:

    revolution skatepark FTW

  18. TheJoeSale says:

    soo good benj, was so good to see you <3

  19. wiseownage says:

    haha that was me tho through the burger haha

  20. ScooterLuke9 says:


  21. leopardgeckosam says:


  22. glediting says:

    yoooo (y) <3.

  23. danscoot says:

    hahahaha was sooo good i miss you benj<3

  24. YoYoYeah711 says:

    btw-> first trick which went wrong at 1:27 ?

  25. BRANSTON67 says:

    haha so sikk benj, funny ramdon clip of me like :O haha

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