ben cumberbatch. national stage door

this is ben cumberbatch at the stage door signing for his fans of the show hes in at the moment at the national theatre comments welcome please thanks

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  1. Charliefarley170287 says:

    @waggers1919 I must just be very lucky!

  2. sanfully says:

    @gater101 I thought I’d shake things up a little, so hence the slight change 😉

    I guess that’s true. But I’m not the quietest either and might well be the one who stares openly the most..

  3. gater101 says:

    @sanfully your name wasn’t the giveaway or anything :p
    ugh, but you’re not the loudest person there :p

  4. sanfully says:

    @gater101 *coughs* as am i *coughs* yes it’s san *cough*

  5. gater101 says:

    Um, I’m in this video. Ack, not cool

  6. waggers1919 says:

    @Charliefarley170287 I dont think anyone gets half hugs from BC, I did get one from Jonny tho which was nice

  7. Charliefarley170287 says:

    He’s even more handsome and charming in the flesh! Not as tall as I expected but very skinny, maybe I’m just taller than I think I am. I love the way he shyly leans in for photos on this vid. Did anyone else get the one arm hug? Or is that just cose I told him I loved his shoes!

  8. jezebeljude91 says:

    He rides a Honda motorcycle/motorbike…can’t remember the model number but it’s a red-color…very lovely 🙂

  9. ForumTaz says:

    Was he cycling home?

  10. ForumTaz says:

    Was he cycling home?

  11. ForumTaz says:

    Was he cycling home?

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