Batista – ”Monster” (Remix) (Full)

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25 Responses to “Batista – ”Monster” (Remix) (Full)”

  1. whomper922 says:

    The Animal has been Unleashed

  2. FLLHxGRUB says:

    i missed him

  3. AhmedBatista1993 says:

    its really awesome

  4. ZachWootenBrand says:

    @hallo8074 no the deal is dead with Strikeforce. he never said he was done with mma entirely. he has his own MMA training facility that he opened up in Tampa. there is a interview of him on youtube talking about it.

  5. hallo8074 says:

    @ZachWootenBrand nope he said the deal is dead

  6. frankiebulldog09 says:

    This is so BADASS just Badass Badass badass

  7. ZachWootenBrand says:

    @Panthersman81 No, atleast not anytime soon. he is a MMA fighter now.

  8. WWESongsOriginal says:

    Please please please!!!! put a download link fellah!! TT.TT

  9. WWESongsOriginal says:

    And Ron Simmons Says: … … … … DAMN!

  10. deniseabadia15 says:

    @Silverthemystic cool

  11. Silverthemystic says:


    Jim Johnston 

  12. deniseabadia15 says:

    who is the artist

  13. theundertaker22189 says:

    good remix :D

  14. silverbeast75 says:

    the thing about dave back then what made him so scary is that not only was he powerful but he was fucking quick he could move much quicker then he could when he got older but who knows maybe when he gets back if he comes back we might see a change i herd hes still in excellent shape

  15. cmackerz says:

    This makes me want to hit the gym hard!

  16. Panthersman81 says:

    Does anyone know if Batista is coming back?

  17. MediaAMz says:

    This Batista was the shit growing up as a kid, i do prefer heel Batista way better. Anyone know if its true if hes returning to WWE, i don’t think hes the best wrestler out there, same said with Cena but on mic and entertaining, ive seen both live and they blow the roof off.

  18. KaszcoKlassic says:

    @Athletic742 that is the oringinal he did use walk alone (till late 2005)/2006

  19. stickshift217 says:

    dude where can i download this???

  20. Elmeedina says:

    this is good

  21. xTiberias says:

    His best theme.

  22. TNAJeffHardy13 says:

    0:2 Tista taken a major crap

  23. Thegreatone1312 says:

    @Athletic742 actually this is the original he used this before he used “I walk alone” by Saliva

  24. InnerDemonFilms says:

    Batista should come back. As both the talking Batista and the 100% pissed off get out of my way Batista

  25. lloyd011721 says:

    i like this one alot. also, batista was so much better before they made him have a personality…

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