Apologise – Ben’s Brother – Official Music Video

The new Ben’s Brother Album ‘Battling Giants’ is now available to pre-order in the UK. PLAY www.play.com AMAZON www.amazon.co.uk HMV hmv.com ‘Apologise’ is the brand new single from Ben’s Brother taken from the stunning new album ‘Battling Giants’. Apologise is released in the UK on 3rd May 2009. ‘Battling Giants’ is released 10th May 2009 To find out more please visit : www.bensbrother.com and join us on Facebook – http Myspace – www.myspace.com Please remember to rate, comment, favorite and subscribe

25 Responses to “Apologise – Ben’s Brother – Official Music Video”

  1. pipsqueak6305 says:

    Another great song by them… so brilliant!

  2. izziann says:

    Why doesn’t he apologize first and then she would follow…

  3. tiiraa8 says:

    This is Great!! Love the Lyrics!

  4. firol19 says:

    i love how this song is about askin someone to apologise. . .i agreed,even though it just a word,but it mean a lots

  5. Totockham23 says:

    Great! Beautiful song!



  7. Shadori says:

    So PLEEEeeeeeaaaaAAAAAAAAsssssssseeeeeeeee, apologise.

  8. zimzimzalabim says:

    @crazygreg1 It’s a pointless comparison. Natalie’s version is just a demo, in other words, an unfinished studio recording. There isn’t even a high quality mp3 of it.

  9. zimzimzalabim says:

    It’s amazing that this brilliant yet underrated gem of a song has only 70230 views whilst crap from Beiber, Cyrus and Lady Caca get hundreds of millions.

  10. TheEternalMelancholy says:

    It’s not a great song but I liked it. Ben’s Brother rocks.

  11. crystal7910 says:

    Another favourite of mine!

  12. nipperabbie96 says:

    love this version,great voice

  13. DutchElse says:

    Brilliant song + great video! 🙂

  14. felicita29 says:

    @theanarchist84 Me too !!

  15. theanarchist84 says:

    totally in love with this song <3

  16. crazygreg1 says:

    you’re joking right? ben’s brother’s version is so much better.

  17. mrjigs4w says:

    ive been to that area loads to halfpipe
    bmx shop

  18. sesnuev says:

    Natalie Imbruglia does better 🙂

  19. catyzac says:


  20. netopipa says:

    I I For fans of Bother goods in Brazil and the world, follow and learn the news about your favorite band.
    # @bensbrother_fa

  21. bjones123ify says:

    I came across this song by accident and I am so glad I did finally someone is making good music! Yay!

  22. cbragg09 says:

    um, i totally love this song but only when Natalie Imbruglia sings it. her voice, music, and even her style is better. is this one good, yes! but to me its quick and rushed. Natalie has much more emotion, of course

  23. Chomarty says:

    it is quite short compared to Stalemate, don’t get me wrong I like the song but it felt really quick.

  24. TRODD12321 says:

    I’ve been following your music for about 5 years, since i first heard find me an angel. I just want to say i’m loving the new stuff. Keep it coming! x

  25. FreakyKaren says:

    yeah! i only know them through Anastacia too xD I really love this song and the video is soo cool <3 x

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