More Than 50% of US Senate to Attend AIPAC POLICY CONFERENCE Celebrating Sending US Taxpayer Billions Out of the Country to the State of Israel By Johnny Punish / Celebrate the Fleecing of America by the Worlds Most Powerful Force for Criminality and Abuse of Human Rights On May 22-24, the pro-Israel America conference from AIPAC is coming to Washington, DC Will you be there? You gotta know that the US Congress will be. They must go as their hands will be out taking cash bribes with their blackened hearts spilling with no shame as they send our billions earned by the sweat of each American to a land far far away that has no consequence to the everyday welfare of Americans. It’s the biggest scam in history and we need to celebrate it don’t we? Why not? I mean, if we are going to take it up the wazoo we ought to enjoy the violent and vile party ya think? The AIPAC Policy Conference is the pro-Israel community’s preeminent annual gathering. More than 6000 community and student activists from all 50 states, more than half of the Senate, a third of the House of Representatives and countless Israeli and American policymakers and opinion leaders will be attending and paying hommage to their masters. Last year the esteemed speakers were aplenty: “UNITED STATES will Stand with Israel Now and Forever” — Former US Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi Secretary of State Hillary Clinton Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu Rt. Hon. Tony Blair, Quartet


  1. johnediamond says:

    @balbahut0g watch your view sir…track him!

  2. balbahut0g says:

    @Harqhael uh,,,they OWN the US military, they OWN the foreign policies, they OWN the monetary policies and they OWN us cattles. i mean gentiles.,, its time to wake up, they’re the minority controlling us dumbass disorganized majority. Unfukenbelievable and embarrassing.

  3. Harqhael says:

    the jews have fucked up the americans for years… the dumb christians and millitary will do nothing about, because they are dumb

  4. News107 says:

    Prosecute Tony Blair. He is a war criminal. Iraq, Afghanistan and many more other counties. He sells mass destruction weapons and forbidden rockets to israel. How can he be involved in the quartet of the middle east peace process for Palestine the holy land. The Hague should jail him immediately .

  5. news778 says:

    Since 62 years no solution – Why did the UN and G 20 not help to find a solution for peace and a Palestinian land We have more than 1 million Palestinian refugees living in Jordan, Syria and Lebanon Camps, all these people want to return to their homeland in Palestine. Ban Ki Mon, UN are obliged to work together to send the Palestinian people back to their own land.

  6. slobbernuckle says:

    God Bless Israel. The BIG LIE the Nazi’s invented is alive and well

  7. bilbilazo says:

    The Nova, thanks for the info!! Now I know who NOT to vote!!

  8. bilbilazo says:

    I see today is AIPAC, tomorrow what? Take your big buts out of the chair and WORK! The only way to have a decent life by is working unless Obama and the muslim bros are finincing you to do their dirty work.

  9. bilbilazo says:

    Zionism and judaism is the same unless you are a creepy person like the Naturei Karta.

  10. 1966jericho says:

    that is a zionist flag and not the judean symbol

  11. 1966jericho says:

    i sya let isreal do it alone and when they exist no more then no more arguing and palestinians can have their homes back!

  12. groeneveldp says:

    it was not the cigar from clinton it is the cigar from aipac that the corrupt politicians in the usa suck on

  13. Judeschwein88 says:

    Devil bless USA AHAHHAHA 🙂

  14. 123decoeli says:

    more more more more more more more more more FOR ME more more more more more more more more more FOR ME more more more more more more more more more FOR ME let the ordinary man starve cuz he’s not special he’s not special like me i i i i i me me ME he’s not special like me i-i- i- i- israel

    Greedy, selfish bastards!

  15. alabamaserge says:

    maybe that dude at 0:58 could get a job if he cut his dreads and got his act together

  16. johnsmdm says:

    keep your noses out of the jews business see….

  17. TheNova1960 says:

    No more aid to Israel, end the Feds, and get out of the middle east. The only honest man for the job is RON PAUL in 2012……

  18. SuperRealitystrikes says:

    when the time will come and jews which were thrown a way from countries like JORDAN,IRAN,IRAQ,YEMEN …will be able to come back to this countries and live there in dignity in a democratic reforms than you can come and argue this one.this countries disable jews from living in them not to mention each one of them ruled by a dictator that calls out for the killing of the jews.and another thing,why do u think the palestinians got the right to “return” and the israeli settlers got to evacuate????

  19. LSRochon says:

    UN Res.194 affirmed the right of Palestinians to return to their homes and lands. This resolution was further clarified by UN General Assembly Res. 3236 which reaffirmed in Subsection 2: “the inalienable right of Palestinians to return to their homes and property from which they have been displaced and uprooted, and calls for their return.” Palestinians “right to return” is specifically to their original homes and lands and not simply what maybe designated as a Palestinian State in the future.

  20. LSRochon says:

    Art. 33. No protected person may be punished for an offence he or she has not personally committed. Collective penalties and likewise all measures of intimidation or of terrorism are prohibited.

    Pillage is prohibited.

    Reprisals against protected persons and their property are prohibited.

  21. LSRochon says:

    4th Gen Con.
    Art.47. Protected persons who are in occupied territory shall not be deprived, in any case or in any manner whatsoever, of the benefits of the present Convention by any change introduced, as the result of the occupation of a territory, into the institutions or government of the said territory, nor by any agreement concluded between the authorities of the occupied territories and the Occupying Power, nor by any annexation by the latter of the whole or part of the occupied territory.

  22. xDarkcynx says:

    so all you have to do is while they are all there, burn the place to the ground
    should be pretty easy one would think
    but then they have their net of fear pretty well draped over the american populace with bright flashy lights and plastic lifestyles
    seriously its pathetic even to myself as an australian
    and it seems we are following blindly along to our doom over here
    we didnt even get a say as to who was elected to be our primeminister

  23. Dewdaahman says:

    “..shall be drawn to the gallows, not walking or carried..”

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