adellerulli’s Let’s Play RE4 Montage

Sorry for the bad quality, this is a reupload of my original videos. If you’re wondering where the original videos are, I deleted them due to so much clutter on my channel, plus I thought it was best to put my favourite bits together into a montage anyway 😉 Songs used in the vid: Almost Easy-Avenged Sevenfold Murmaider-Dethklok Gates of Hell-Holyhell She Builds Quick Machines-Velvet Revolver Unsung-Helmet Lights Out-Breaking Benjamin A Look Into View-Alice In Chains The Poison-Bullet For My Valentine Metal Storm/Face The Slayer-Slayer Shortest Straw-Metallica Tags: resident evil 4, resident evil, leon s kennedy, leon, ashley graham, ashley, president’s daighter, leon kennedy, montage, compilation, let’s play, lets, lp, female gamer, horror game, scary, disturbing, funny, wtf, n00b, noob, stupid, retarded, fail, re4, action

9 Responses to “adellerulli’s Let’s Play RE4 Montage”

  1. enterfireandice says:

    Rebecca left the force after RE1 (remake) and Billy escaped to be missing in the series ever since. :/ (last mention of billy was Rebecca writing a report that says billy died…but he never died) and i like red9 too but it often take too much space. and i just like my blacktail for speed (fastest handgun in the game) and red9 is by far strongest handgun 😀 so each good in their own areas xDDDDD

  2. adellerulli says:

    I can’t remember….I remember reading it somewhere but I can’t remember what happened with him and Rebecca :/ And ah, I prefer the Red9 because it deals heavier damage and does more head shots 😉

  3. enterfireandice says:

    also what happened to billy after RE0…but RE6 does look good and i’m sure it’ll have walk and gun and a hybrid of RE4 and classic RE 😀 me so can’t wait XDDDDDD (also to say i picked blacktail instead of rednine. since it’s fast and allows to kill with speed 😀 (and reload with speed))

  4. adellerulli says:

    Resident Evil 6 is looking pretty good 😀 I like how they added a new virus but there are so many questions that need to be answered such as one, since when did Ada clone herself? Two, since when did Leon have a dimple? And three, since when did Wesker have a kid?

  5. enterfireandice says:

    i think more it added to it by making it stand alone (RE5 kinda ruined the style and Revelations saved it by adding horror back and advance it even more) and saving the series from capcom who planned to cancel the series back then it the games weren’t updated 🙁 (which is why RE3.5 also differed from the games before) but it still ended up as awesome. now lets just hope for RE3.5 to be remade soon 😀 (and with billy)

  6. adellerulli says:

    It IS such a really good game XD Too bad it kinda ruined the plot of the original 🙁 But oh well, it’s still awesome 😀

  7. enterfireandice says:

    oh god i love this game so freaking much and so wanna replay it just to get my weapon set and because its fun….as fuck xDDDD also its just funny to use the shotgun on the balls when on buildings (them falling after that makes me lols)

  8. adellerulli says:

    LOL Thanks XD

  9. OxideTheShadow says:

    Did I mention that your dad was awesome? (I’m referring to the story at 4:37)
    And 9:37 is hilarious because you’re trying to concentrate on two things at once XD I hate it when people are so busy with something that they can’t just stop it to listen to somebody though ._. (Of course since you were the one doing it I thought it was funny not annoying XD)

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