Abigail’s Party – ENSEMBLE THEATRE

ABIGAILS PARTY By Mike Leigh With: Ben Ager, Julie Hudspeth, Brian Meegan, Tara Morice, Queenie van de Zandt Director: Mark KilmurryDesigner: Graham Maclean Lighting Designer: Matthew Marshall A sparkling, maliciously poison-toothed satire about keeping up with the neighbours. Beverly and Laurence entertain their new neighbours, Angela and Tony, with drinks and snacks. Another neighbour, Susan, is also invited because her teenage daughter, Abigail, is having a party a few doors away and mums are definitely not welcome. Beverly wants to have fun, dance, drink. Laurence wants to have serious conversation about art, music, Dickens. Small talk, bad music and awkward dances follow in this hilarious, dark and biting comedy from the master of human foibles, Mike Leigh. Abigails Party is a cult classic stage play and television play which was developed by director Mike Leigh and his actors through a series of improvisations. When it aired on television in 1979 it was watched by over 16 million viewers. A satirical take on the new middle class which emerged in Britain in the 1970s, Abigails Party has remained one of the most popular plays of the last 30 years with numerous revivals occurring in the UK and USA. Mark Kilmurrys most recent directing credits include Mary Stuart, Tuesdays With Morrie and Little Nell. He has assembled a stellar cast including Tara Morice (Strictly Ballroom, Grass Roots) who returns to the Ensemble stage where her appearances include the plays Spinning

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  1. Alphabex8 says:

    what do you mean. they all sounded British to me.

  2. JasonBrownUK says:

    God I hope they played it with the proper accents!

  3. JasonBrownUK says:

    God I hope they played it with the proper accents!

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